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    I set up a mob grinder, but no mobs seem to spawn inside. the light level is zero, someone said that there could be an issue with spawns on the server? pls fix

    P.S. my friend also made a grinder and doesn’t have any mobs spawning either.

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    pls fix… yet you have absolutely no idea how spawn rates work. at all. alrighty hun, lemme try to explain what I know. so spawnrates are usually pretty sh!tty on servers in general, due to the mob cap. you’re relying on a natural mob rate spawner, which honestly isn’t the best source of… well anything. im unsure what the spawnrate is here, I think it was raised, but do keep in mind. you’re sharing that number with usually over 10-30 people at any given time. so if someone, or multiple people, are at their spawners, it’s gonna eat at that spawnrate, making natural mob spawns a little less frequent. theres some other factors. maybe the spawn platform is light lvl 0. but what about the caves under you, or the surrounding terrain? I mean, unless this thing is built at build limit, those ARE factors to consider. those areas are still viable spawn blocks, so the chances a mob spawns in that box is about as much as the cave 20 blocks under you. also, mob spawns do not happen right next to your character, rather, a few blocks, or chunks, away. standing about a chunk or 2 away from your (natural) mob spawner should work. or, help. granted… I do believe I gave you info for a natural mob grinder. if you set up a spawner farm instead and cant get that to work… well. either you’re hopeless, or just go to damn youtube. (if you had given more info instead of “PLS FIX IT NO WORK”, thatd had been great).

    keep in mind, this info could be a bit outdated, and if im wrong, someone else please correct me.

    ahh… what else… ah yes. your name. post it. who the fudge nuggets are you even? a proper IGN would defs help.

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    Ok, thanks for the info, here is more of what I know. A friend of mine had a previously functional mob grinder that no longer spawns mobs. Sure, that might be affected by updates or other changes, but I would still expect mobs to spawn on this server. As for more info on the grinders, (this applies both to the one I built recently and my friend’s old one) they are the classic 18×18 room separated into four sections by two block wide water canals leading to a drop. Mine is above ground, with my friend’s being slightly underground (Only 10 blocks or so beneath surface). I guess I will have to light up all the caves in my area in order to help my case.

    P.S. By IGN do you mean you want me to use my full username? Because Yacht is simply short for yachtthelma, my username.

    Thanks anyway,


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    Who’s the most feared legend on PirateMC?

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    Death to da Fruits

    Heck..Death to Everyone 😀

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    Have you not heard of… Mine11geek? Destroyer of empires and slayer of unicorns??? I say he’s a legend because he disappeared mysteriously.

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