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    Recently I have been experiencing consistent major problems with light rendering in and around a settlement I am building.

    Issues include:

    • Areas with light source blocks go dark every night upon nightfall
    • Lava doesn’t render properly
    • Torches are visible, but do not emit light to adjacent blocks
    • Mobs spawn in areas where lighting doesn’t render properly

    The issues began yesterday when I sailed a new ship for the first time.  The entire alcove that the ship is in is now affected by the issue.  I have attached screenshots.

    The light does render upon entry into the immediate area affected, but the mobs that spawn before the light renders significantly hamper game play.

    I asked on chat if anyone else was experiencing the same issue, and one other player who was online confirmed he/she was.  I have coordinates available of the locations affected (both mine and the other player’s), but I would prefer not to post them in the forums for privacy and strategic game play reasons.

    If anyone else is experiencing this, please reply.  Also, please let me know if this is the correct forum for a topic like this.




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    Crazy Pirate
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    I have a similar problem with the wall on one side of my base. It is constantly in shadow, and despite placing many torches, it won’t disappear.

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    It’s all over my village too! The only way to get rid of it by clicking it. The effect is only temporary, sadly.


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    This happens all the time in my fishing dock, only fixed (temp) by me swimming over to the unlit area and it will light up until next night or next tp.


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    The Vashta Nerada are taking over!

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