[Resolved] Jammin_mas is attacking me just because of my base’s distance

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    Is there a rule about bases being a certain number of blocks away?

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    Well, that is quite rude but I doubt that isn’t allowed.

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    you should add more details to this post. the subject line isn’t  meant to be a question, or a single statement to ask a single question. you need to provide some screenshots, maybe put them into mspaint or something and draw circles over each of the bases to show how far they are apart, then actually go and count the blocks. write your ine name in the post. (yes its your forums acct but not everyone has their ign as their forums name) dates this happened, chat logs.. a little more details here.


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    Bruh you made two claims within 15 blocks of my 27k claim and the had the audacity to threaten to siege me if I didn’t move.

    My claims been there for two years.

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    damn jamming_mas yea sorry malex ur screwed lol

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    Unfortunately nothing can be done in this case, as Jammin was there before you were. I would recommend seeking a peaceful solution, be it you moving bases, some sort of treaty or something completely different, good luck though.


    You can read up on the rules here.

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Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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