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    My Username: Sfotane

    Player(s) Being Reported.
    Username: IronAR
    UUID: 776e9a63-3226-4b11-a042-c871146b0b91
    Punishment Tracker URL: http://bans.piratemc.com/

    Reason for Report
    breaking rules

    Overview Description of Report
    Killed at cove by grapple, while redeeming vote keys.

    Detailed Information

    The point of rules is that you know what to expect.

    When I go to cove, I expect to be able to use my vote keys, and I watch out for people pushing me into the water, since it’s an obvious way to die there. However, once the vote key GUI pops up, there is nothing I can do to stop a grapple.

    I have lost hours of experience farming, because a greedy child wanted vote keys.

    If a server is expected to attract and keep new players, this cannot be the experience players have when voting.

    Voting isn’t for me, it’s for the server. If the server does a bad job ensuring voting is worthwile and safe, why am I going to vote for it?

    IronAR killed me, but I probably wasn’t the first one he killed. If someone can spend their time invisible, killing people who are voting, and when they finally get caught by someone who realizes it isn’t allowed, all they have to do is give back the items they took to that one person, I don’t see how that can be considered an enforced rule.

    Not to mention after dying the first time, I was able to get back my keys quickly, and he killed me a second time, while I was trying to explain it wasn’t allowed. When he got the keys that time, he voted immediately, indicating to me that he knew it was wrong. When he got called out, he immediately said okay okay ill give back the keys, again, indicating that he knew it wasn’t allowed.

    Imagine being allowed to attempt a robbery, disfiguring or seriously injuring a person in the process, and then when you get caught, you just have to give  back the money and be on your merry way. It makes no sense.

    How many people were killed by grapple who did not realize they had a recourse? I’m lucky because it had happened to me last week, and I asked if it was allowed at that time, so I knew to call out IronAR this time, but I doubt everyone knows this.

    If he didn’t know it wasn’t allowed, why was he invisible, hiding his name? It’s not like I would’ve noticed him up there anyways. I’m just lucky the invisibility ran out, so I was able to record him, and that I enabled windows game mode last time someone tried to do it to me, to retroactively record 30seconds.

    If nothing else comes of this, at least I will have documented one instance, so that he can’t ever do it again and say he didn’t know.


    This garbage hurts the server. A lot.


    -A pissedboi who just wants to play blockgame without having to deal with field manure like this.

    In any case here’s the video showcasing IronAR’s amazing PVP skill and awesome daring.

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    I agree that should not be allowed and steps need to be made to prevent that. I totally agree this server is not worth voting if you get killed for your hard earned keys!

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    As you state here you got your keys back. And IronAR was not aware that we changed the roles about killing with grappling hooks in warp areas. He instantly went to get the keys, Which were the thing you complained about in chat.

    You even agreed with me that handing out a punsihment for a rule that was recently changed is not the best idea.


    All in all this was handled by staff online.


    I want to add warps are NOT safe, people can kill you, mobs can kill you. If you want a safe place build yourself a good base.


    Lord of The British Empire

    "Don't piss off a scout, we know places where no-one will find you"

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