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    Hello, I’m not sure how wise it is putting this public, anyway,

    A lot of players on the server are already aware of it. I myself have discovered this glitch through Seeber and Heeber / HeeberReturns breaking rules by glitching into my base and unfairly taking very valuable stuff from what was fully siegeproof. I’m slowly getting over the fact I won’t be getting those stuff back no matter how unfair. However, the point of this thread is:

    Since that diminishing event that made myself and crew need a break from the server. I’ve gotten back on (because there’s nothing quite like this server) and have been looking at ways to prevent glitchers getting into my many new builds, using this “iron door glitch”. For a while I’ve been using pistons to lock those doors with hard blocks however the redstone that comes with them is too unnecessarily bulky to my liking so I began googling how players even do this iron door glitch.

    I’ve come across nothing aside from reddit posts where staff have asked for more info about this not so publically known glitch, and I quote: “<span style=”color: #1a1a1b; font-family: ‘Noto Sans’, Arial, sans-serif; font-size: 14px;”>on the behalf of our server staff have asked them if there is a possibility that this could be recreated”.</span>

    This reddit thread is here:

    I have some rough ideas on how it might be done from some extra searching. Mainly from this post below referencing to a different (more unstable faction server). These range from breaking the door with a gpick whilst walking into it (sort of top block, bottom block, top block etc), or placing a pressure plate that will hopefully trigger the door before the server removes it, as well as using a boat may apparently work.

    I was hoping to try and recreate this glitch myself, however I don’t want to be caught and banned or anything so I’m low key asking for admin supervision where I can try this in a claimed area for test purposes. I would also love to find out if this glitch works with iron bars. Players such as myself and Nick_A_Naut (according to reddit post) have a keen interest in this incase glitchers can also get through iron bar porticullis. You staff members are free to try these out yourself. I’m asking just incase I get a chance to be part of this. You can always hit me up ingame.

    I don’t exactly know hot to prevent this glitch from happening just yet as we need to know how it’s done. My only thought at the moment is finding some way the server realises non siege player has broken x item. Or some code that makes sure that if by chance, a player without the claim access perms goes past the coordinates of an iron door on the very same y axis, they get teleported back. Just trying to help y’all.

    Wish you all a very happy xmas.


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    • You can put fence gates in front of iron doors from the inside.

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    or use string, pretty sure that works. for the porticullis… eh tbh your best bet is to make it double thick. or still try the string.

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    Sadly this is just minecraft itself, it was never intended to have a protection plugin bundled, technically they COULD allow protection and APIS to use it, but they don’t.

    actually made us a plugin that puts people into adventure mode when they visit a claim that’s not theirs, but we didn’t get around to fully testing it, im not entirely sure thats the answer mind, as there are so many claims having to toggle gamemodes constantly might get too many people stuck in gamemodes.

    Most people build an underground base or a building with no blocks easily broken and put a /home inside.

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