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    Hello, I was wondering, as the topic title says, how do wars work. I couldn’t find any topic about this and if I missed them, I am sorry for the spam.
    I don’t want any changes in plugins or game structure, only information about the existing system.
    I have briefly talked about this in a previous comment, somewhere in the forum, and is related to the concept “resisting the enemy forever and ever in order to illusively preserve your own pride”.

    There is a war going on right now, but the topic doesn’t refer specifically to it. What I know is that most of the conflicts were ended because one of the leaders ruling a side was banned for cheating or bad behaviour. Some of the wars were ended because one side didn’t build with strong materials and their settlements were razed to the ground. My questions is, what happens when both sides have strong fortresses, know how to lock chests properly, have time and have lots of active people?
    Is the war limited to landscape griefing, forgotten open chests and stroll ambushes? How does conquering works? Do you have to annoy somebody to the exhaustion until he leaves and unclaims the place? How do you set your influence in a territory? When do you have the right to kick somebody from your near land?
    Thank you for the attention and for eventually clearing my doubts. I hope this post can be helpful for future similar questions.

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    I suppose when you have two or more entrenched ‘super powers’ that are engaged in hostilities, you can get into a situation like many countries have found themselves in which is a long, drawn out ‘cold war’ where there is a lot of political shuffling and rhetoric, with brief moments of activity.

    Not an ideal situation since it is always better to bring issues to a resolution quickly for all concerned. However, when it involves a clash of ideologies with fairly evenly matched resources and abilities, sometimes there’s no way around that type of conflict.

    So, it probably would be good for the coalition of smaller forces to try and organize and communicate better, and come to an agreement on tactics, strategy, and plans going forward, otherwise, like has happened in the past, their efforts will fail due to a lack of commitment, will power, and funding.

    Just my political two cents for the day.



    Brother Kanube, head of the Order of St. Ender, Watcher of the Void
    ~~~~~ from the dust of the void all is made, and to the void it returns~~~~~

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    Nicely said @kanube


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    Thank you Kanube, what you wrote is interesting. What I can understand are the reasons of a war. What is difficult to figure out for me is how somebody is supposed to win. Forgive me, I wasn’t here during the great wars of the past, be patient with me. Wars are a fun idea and most people like this concept. But when somebody declares it, is he thinking: “Let’s see what happens.”, is he grabbing a sword and “hunting” the enemies who peek out of their houses? Is he thinking: “We cannot lose because our base is made out of safe materials and our chests are locked.”?

    Practically. Is the war limited to hunts or does it involve some sort of conquering, fort assaults?
    You, Kanube, talked about strategy. What kind of strategy could there be? Attacking the same houses in the same moment? Dividing people in those who gather materials for armor for the front and those who fight? What is the role of cannons and ships? How can a coalition win against the other if both have indestructible fortresses? How can somebody expand his own territory? Is it a challenge about who loses most items in the woods, while hunting each other?

    Edit: maybe I should rename this post in “How does conquering works?”. I am not interested in the diplomatic aspect of the war nor in individual sieges, but instead in the whole process of coordinated battles.

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    Hmm. This is a difficult topic. I’d say that wars in Pirate craft don’t really ever have a definitive end. Depending on the resources of both sides they can go on for a long time and if you wanted to put the war between CoV and Solis on the spot I would say that it will never truly end because honestly there have been some very heated words between some members of both sides. The Salt is deep in the wounds we’ve raised on each others backs. Actually thinking about it a bit more. There have been wars that ended without bans involved. As I’ve seen the only way to really make another crew want to surrender is very dirty tactics. You’re right if you are up against a group that knows what they are doing it is almost impossible to win out right because they will always be locked down and will always have the bulk of their chests locked. So a war can’t be won by frontal assaults but it can be won by other means. Which I don’t feel like going into. Wouldn’t want to give anyone ideas. Cunning and creativity wins wars and sometimes just plain stubbornness wins out.

    Raise your glasses, raise them high. Draw your swords, stand or die!

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    I understand the secret. I am happy to know there is creativity involved. The crew history wiki pages always describe wars with great assaults, fleets advancing, cannnons firing, castles falling. I imagined it was a little too poetic and ideal, but the difference I found between those stories and the server reality pushed me to flow my doubts in a post here. I am young in the server and only faced individual robbers. I am more reassured know, and more confident that I could see some spectacular actions in the future.

    I don’t have any more questions and, unless somebody has something to add, I would say this thread can be closed, thank you for the responses.

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