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    I have enabled all users of the website to create their own groups on, Each new group gets its own forum, if selected.
    Groups can be set to Public, Private or Hidden, Admins of groups can select if they want other users to be able to invite others.
    Moderators can be set for these groups/forums, Groups do not have to be connected to a forum.
    Why would I want a group?
    To organize members, Ideas, Builds and Events for your own Group of Pirates/Location/City.
    I have created a group for The Cove as a demonstration, this will be the home for all cove ideas and chat, Forums can be accessed from the group page, But they are also listed automatically as sub-forums in the Public Group Talk Forums.

    To create a group, Navigate (Once logged in) to the top right of PirateCraft where your username is listed, Hover over “Groups” then select “Create a Group“.
    Screenshot attached as example.

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