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    My Username: ISNOT1_YT

    Player(s) Being Reported.
    Username: PortugalJ & Disco_Dropplet
    UUID: {8e5caa79-a918-48c7-ba38-67e109ad8385}(Disco) &{d375a743-9ff0-4cdd-ad98-0d58a68e0c12}(PortugalJ)
    Punishment Tracker URL:

    Reason for Report (please select as needed)

    Overview Description of Report
    they stole all my floorboards then blew up a not-yet-claimed area

    Detailed Information
    druing a siege, they abused their powers by destroying all the wooden slabs and later destroyed an unclaimed area (my fault for not investing enough into claim blocks), this led to an argument involving me complaining about my floorboards on the other hand PortugalJ and Disco_Dropplet calling me a cry baby and insulting me (i wouldn’t have gotten into the argument and would be fine with them raiding me if they hadn’t destroyed and disposed of my floorboards)

    *will be attached*

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    this is the evidence

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    usually, grief is only really considered an offence if someone has caused another person to spend hours of work on cleanup. from your screenshot, that’d take all of 10-15 minutes. grief normally is described as completely blowing up a city or build for no reason and causing a huge cleanup. not a couple pot shots at the roof of a house. the floorboards, while petty, is really not a huge deal? sometimes people hide chests under the floor, ive seen players dig up the floor in search of chests. im not saying to justify their behavior, but it really isn’t worth reporting? now, if they took a stack of tnt to your base, yes report that. on the flip side of this, you must claim your builds. not claiming before building is directly your fault. even if they sieged and broke a few blocks, its still only a few minutes of your time to fix.

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    Yes, during a siege it is very common that the attackers will pull the entire floor up if it’s made of soft blocks ( use /info siege in-game ). Try using materials that cannot be broken during a siege.

    The damage done as seen on your pictures does look like regular damage dealt during a siege. Talk to members of your crew or other allied players how you can improve your base to claim more and/or defend it better.

    Good luck mate.


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