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    Bug(s)being reported: Water Glitch

    Player Reporting it: Nahadoth

    Effects currently active: None

    Tools And Effects:
    God Armor Boots and helm:
    Depth Strider 3
    Respiration 3
    Aqua Affinity

    Ping: 33 ms

    How often it occurs:
    Very Often, easily repeatable. Does not require god gear. Simply easiest way to reproduce the glitch. Also occurs when you are naked with no effects.

    What should happen:
    Should be able to swim and move easily in the water as normal.
    What Shouldn’t happen: You shouldn’t be getting stuck under water and unable to move. Seems to occur a lot when pvp tagged and sieging. Will kick the player and make them loose their items.

    Recording of it:

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    I hate this stupid glitch

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    Image result for I hate you meme

    A endermite kicked my ass

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    I hears Naha’s pet ghast

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    Does this only occur when you are tagged in PVP? Does this only Happen when you are in a siege? I know there is a massive siege bug that triggers the anti-cheat which I reported months ago.

    I have reported this anyway to the anti-cheat anyway, this is the second report for water glitching i’ve reported, I assume its a conflict with another plugin if you say its pvp tagged/siege only?

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    I was helping joe_danger fill his guardian farm with water (for the little murder fishies to spawn), and every time I/we got hit by their lasers, the glitch would happen. and uh, when theres packs of these things, it makes it really hard to surface for air. I actually tried to9 record it, but the video quality was pitiful. naha’s video shows it anyways. but it seemed that whenever we took damage we would just glitch back and keep sinking closer and closer to the murder fishies.

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    Depth strider again, there are so many variables here, Does this just happen with depth strider by itself? is it a mix of depth strider and eating? is it just eating?

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    This glitch has nothing to do with eating, being combat tagged, latency speed. I personally have only ever triggered it with depthstrider.

    This has got to be the most annoying one out there; I’ve literally been stuck in a shallow river and drowned before, because it wouldn’t let me pearl out.

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    Another thing, when you’re in a siege and you are mining sand (siege soft block) until you hit sandstone, if you are casually standing on that block, and you break it with efficiency 5 (no haste) you get glitched in it and the siege command spams your chat like, “you cannot teleport out of a sieged area. This has to be in water btw. And although I dont have video proof, it happened to me yesterday and i almost drowned XD.

    im a kau

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