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    New Name WyattJetty
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    I would like to report for foul language to me mawa and dorkito101. He hes call me D*** many times and is disrespectful to the staff. Also dokito made  the same report as I this shows how FTB_player  IS!. Also i would like complain about the lac of clear rules! I was banned by calliemav who is very nice….. but he banned me for crashing in ffa and getting the armor this is not right that it is so laggy that I get the armor and ITS NOT MY FAULT!!!.. This has happened to many other people too… so unban me!

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    Alex Lazescu
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    I don’t believe the right thing was done in this situation. CallieMav should have cleared jettyman’s inventory and not replaced any items that were lost. There is a very probable chance that he was unaware of the glitch.

    I remember when this server was fun. I don’t come on as often as I’d like, but I spend my time reading the forums trying to catch up on anything I’ve missed.  Sadly, there’s nothing to read except for complaining, ban reports, hackusations, and all that other fun stuff.

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    Rep its not the server this guy did it many times and has a buch of the armor in his enderchest he eas sbucing the glicht and got banned for a week.most of the hackusation are from new players that dont now the rules of siege and pvp


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    That’s not rep…

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    @athenmos12 I do think it was the right thing.

    We inspected his base, and there were tons of ffa armor.

    He did it on purpous to glitch ffa items for himself, if he really crashed what i dont think.

    Then he should have burned them.

    Topic closed.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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