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    In this Guide we will get rich in 4 easy steps, each step will be divided in simple and advanced versions. If your goal is to just get enough cash that you can buy stuff here and there to PvP or build the simple version will be enough, if you want to be among the 1% you should stick to the advanced version.

    1. Start capital
    2. Farms
    3. Shop
    4. Investment

    Start Capital

    Simple: Chop some wood and sell it at /warp cove to the server, this will net you 6$ per stack.

    Advanced: Explore the shops at /warp shop and write down all the [Sell] signs you can find figure our which items you can get easily and sell them. Carefull [Sell] signs can get over stocked so dont farm entire chests if you cant sell it.


    Starting these farms will probably require spawn eggs pick a farm buy 2 spawn eggs with the money you made in step one and start farming. Once you have made enough money with your first farm get spawn eggs for another.



    To sell you must first farm. Start off with a cheap and fast farm which items are always in demand.  At the time of writing this guide Steak would be a great choice every pvper buys steak, its in huge demand yet supply is poor. While farming Steak you will get Leather, dont sell Leather directly its not worth it, instead sell Books and Bookshelves.


    Wool is always in demand due to the ship and cannon plugin.


    This farm wont require any spawn eggs but finding a slime chunk might prove difficult, a swamp biome might work.


    Get a Villager farm to gain acccess to cheap Enchanting books, either sell the Books directly or better yet enchant items and sell them.


    Rent a shop and sell your farmed items, try to get a good spot as close to a used warp as possible. If this isnt possible get other people who want to open a shop together, and make an unpopular warp popular by advertising it together. I will write a more detailed Shop guide soon.


    Once several thousand dollars are obtained dont let that money just sit there. Try to remember common prices of items and buy low, sell high. Usually there will be small shops selling items waay below their worth just to make a quick buck, buy their stuff and sell it for more. Buying rare and usefull Event items during events and selling them after is a great option as well.

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