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    It brings me a sense of deja-vu and dread to make a post on these forums regarding my beliefs again. I’m sure the older players agree. Though, this time, it is not my intention to drive any ideology down people’s throats. In fact I am now doing the opposite and trying to dispel anti-GUCS ideology. This post is more-so directed at the player Stewie, whom I’m sure most of you know, and those who have believed his slanderous lies regarding G.U.C.S, myself and Colrainist ideology as a whole.

    Here is what must be made clear:

    No, we have not been harmful to anyone’s economy. We purchase goods like the rest of you.
    No, we have not been brainwashing deckhands to attack any crews.
    No, we are not against Empire crews.
    No, we do not wish to eliminate donator players. This is a great server and it would be against anyone’s interest to remove that source of income for it.
    No, we do not like North Korea in any way shape or form. While yes, I have a fascination with the country, one must understand that fascination =/= admiration.
    No, we do not wish to force our ideology into any crew nor onto any individual.
    No, we do not wish to cause trouble in any way with anyone. This is evident because we have chosen not to be in any direct conflicts since GUCS’ inception.
    No, economically, are aren’t Communists. Although, we do indeed borrow Communist aesthetics just for the novelty.

    Pretty much, if you hear anything about GUCS from a non-GUCS member, it would be most wise to disregard it and instead get your information from the source.
    It is bothersome that I had to make this into a forum post, but at least, I will be able to direct people to this should they be saying silly and untrue things.

    Thank you.

    Paramount Leader of G.U.C.S and founder of Colrainism
    I can't stand vinegar

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    I understand your disturbance Eric, but you must understand the key difference between our ideologies.

    I do not mean to say all this in an aggressive manner, this is simply meant to clarify confusion, as this topic is dedicated to doing so.

    Colrainism works for the good of the people through libertarian means, left wing for sure but the libertarian movements we make mustn’t be confused with their opposite.
    All communist regimes throughout the world that have ended in tragedy have borrowed heavily from authoritarianism, which, if you look at what they did, was the cause of their downfall. Not their left wing ideas.

    I am not arguing that Communism is necessarily authoritarian, however (do correct me if I am mistaken) I believe you speak of the authoritarian communist ideologies commonly known to be purely communist, not libertarian socialism.
    That’s a common mistake which I do not blame anyone for making, however I encourage everyone to look at the source of our endeavours to understand that we have no relation with the nightmarish societies of yesterday.

    Thank you kindly for reading this, and have a brilliant day!
    – Bowrilla

    I am a loyal follower of Colrainism and hope to bring prosperity to all who wish to receive it.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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