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    I’d like to suggest we add/change a few things on the creative plots server.

    • add the plugin/config/feature that allows floating ladders (lets us have ladders without a supporting block)
    • add the same redstone configurations onto creative as we have on survival. this will allow building redstone contraptions in creative much easier as it will mirror how it will work in survival.
    • disable witherboss spawning. looking at YOU gingful -.-
    • allow floating item frames. don’t know if that’s possible, but in survival, like ladders, item frames don’t break when you destroy their supporting block. add to creative.
    • remove the spam of text when you write ‘god’ in creative. (it creates a huge brick of lime green text that’s really annoying when you’re trying to type to someone)

    I think these additions would help creative building, and prevent more idiot trolls. *COUGHGINGFULCOUGH*


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    All done! bar the item frame thing as im not aware of that even being able on the survival!

    [changelog] Creative updates & Redstone Sponge!

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    What happens if someone makes an End or Nether portal?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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