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    My Username: {Polsair}

    Player(s) Being Reported.
    Username: {CreatingWithKass}
    UUID: {03b713b8-2d20-4eda-aec9-ab34d6991092}
    Punishment Tracker URL: No History

    Reason for Report (please select as needed)
    {Abuse, Jailing Wrongly}

    Overview Description of Report
    {I’ve been inactive for the last two weeks, and I logged on this morning before work to find I’ve been jailed for 20 minutes. I looked into why, and a staff member helped me in finding out I was jailed for: “Aggressive and Toxic to Staff//stupid behaviour”. Ironic thing is, about 3-4 days ago I was online to buy some items from a player who quit the server… and some comments came up in chat just before I logged. CreatingWithKass had rejoined the server and about half the server Welcomed her back and one of the players online mentioned they were simping. Jokingly, I mentioned to a new player which Kass welcomed moments following and said “Rule #1, do not simp for Kass” (The term Simping is literally the most basic of jokes). Following this someone said that Kass was “Way cooler” than Atal and I simply said “nah, atal is too cool” and I got off moments following without any conversation.

    If this is really why I was jailed, this is ridiculous and completely a overreach of power for the slightest thing. Kass has clearly had a grudge against me, after I started killing Val members and such, and its immature if this is truly her doing.

    Detailed Information
    {April 3rd at 21:52 ESTΒ  }

    { https://imgur.com/a/mmT9cOH }

    This report was made when the staff member who “helped” me look into it lied to me and said they had no idea who jailed me, and couldn’t find out who. Which resulted in it leaning toward Kass, the only staff member I’ve interacted with in the last week. In result, I guess I was punished for something (By Atal) quite late. Supposedly, it wasn’t Kass πŸ™‚ Can be ignored!

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    I say no simp for kassism alot I never got jailed

    Appear weak when you are strong, and strong when you are weak. – Sun Tzu The art of war.

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    Your evidence is lacking at best and reflects poorly on you at worse…. Its a cutout without context and as such cant be interpreted correctly. For instance, from my viewing, it doesn’t even appear Kass was addressing you at all. What does concern me is your reaction to report Kass without knowing if you were really jailed by her in the first place. Not to mention reporting as evidence with this terrible snippet of your chat log which I find to me misleading and manipulative in an attempt to cast a negative community opinion! Before making this report you should have further attempted to gather the facts as it was Ata who originally jailed you and not Kass. Bottom line. This is more a report agenst yourself, yourself having a grudge against Kass and being immature.

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