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    My Username: <yonifoo>
    Coordinates: <X: -3960 Y: 108 Z: 131> (Do /getpos in the claim)
    Claim owner: <arinthros> (Exact username, right click with a stick on the claim to obtain it, this will also show you the players offline time)
    Time the Claim owner has been offline: <157 days> (use /seen <username>)
    Claim Size: <1344 blocks> (Right click with stick)
    Reason: <wanted to use it as hideout, yes I’m aware of the claim but was thinking it was at least worth a try to get claim removed as I just want the terrain and not the structure itself>

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    Not able to get in-game today, is this the location? https://map.piratemc.com/?worldname=PirateCraft_1&mapname=surface&zoom=5&x=-4018&y=64&z=48


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    its like one small swipe below that, when you look if you can see the big wall of stone my request came from above there. But basically it is in that little area nearby

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    I may have found it when looking at flat map. the area just seems to be covered in trees, nothing really noticeable above them. will admit, it does look like a nice chunk of land.

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    Owned by arinthros – veteran player
    Big build underground so won’t be able to remove sorry

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