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    Hello it is I VladDracul.

    Just wanted to share a couple of stories.

    So a few days ago Khanye decided to siege me in one of my claims, but eventually left.

    Then I decided to go and repay the visit with one of my own.

    So I went and Sieged Khanye and everthing was going wondeful until guess who showed up? CosmickingFrosty and he killed me.

    Oh I should probably mention that SPQR and Isen were allied at that time, but SPQR was not allied to the crew Th who Khanye was a member of.

    After that Isen unallied SPQR.

    Cosmic said and I quote you { you unallied SPQR that means I can kill you all I want now] or something to that effect.

    I mean that is kinda what he already did. Whats the difference between killing your ally and killing a non ally? Nothing apparently to him.

    I mean what is the point in having a crew ally if one of there leaders doesn’t care about alliances. The point in an alliance is to help each other and build friendships and become stronger.

    Something cosmic knows nothing of.

    Oh that reminds me of another story.

    A while ago a crew called Shreks existed. Many joined them including Cosmic who left his crew joined them. He even changed his name to CosmickingShrek. After a while he left and rejoined his crew SPQR, but he kept his friendships with the shreks WHO WERE RIVALS OF THE CREW SPQR WHO HE WAS A LEADER IN. He also sided with member of the Shreks to attack allies. Isen in particular.

    At that time Isen and SPQR were allied, but that didn’t stop cosmic from turning on one of his allies, Isen, and mass destroying claims and killing those members multiple times. Eventually he went to the locker to pay for his madness.

    I truly wonder if this is the will of Rome or the will of a egotistical emperor.

    We all know what happened to the last emperor of TNRR.



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    so uh.. what exactly is the purpose of this post? is this slander to cosmic, or you whining about being killed… I honestly cant tell.

    If I had a nickel for every time I, Ooo hey, a butterfly!! *runs off chasing the butterfly*

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    - A Proud Member of The Asylum-

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    No itrs just to inform others about cosmic and that he is not the best ally to have.

    I mean SPQR is awesome but some of its members give it a bad rap.

    I mean if I was in that crew I wouldn’t want a backstabber.


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    Autism Speaks!!

    Really Vlad, another forum post about you bitching and moaning over me killing you? Well not like you have anything better to do…

    Ill explain this since the thot wants diplomacy, ahem.

    I don’t approve of you slandering TNRR’s legacy and bad mouthing our great Emperor, I will consider this as an act of aggression to our history, country and our Emperor.

    Yes, I killed you even though we were allies becuase me and Khanye are friends, it is because that we are friends that he doesn’t attack anyone within Rome.

    I agree not to attack his dekie pals and he agrees not to attack mine because we’re friends, were on common grounds, fellow shreks, and if someone attacks either of us, we do something to help eachother.

    Theres nothing wrong with helping out a friend is there now Vlad? Well not like you would know what that is?

    I see you mentioned Shrek I can explain that too, everyone who was in Shrek was there to praise our Orge lord through our High Preist, JUSA who sought to bring forth the great onion.

    I could have a religious debate but my eyes are aching from the eyesore of a forum post you made, honestly Vlad do you have to make a post every time I yeet your ass, anyways I gotta get me an eye doctor cya!

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    Former High_Capal Of TNRR.
    “To give up withought even trying is nothing but laziness”

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    Jibber jabber

    ProWil (formerly Wilson Manzer),
    General Secretariat of The Papal State
    PirateCraft Veteran, circa 2015.

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