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    I understand the server has a limited spawn rate for various reasons but…

    Deckhands Join and few stay mostly becuase they die from starvation so why not give them another opportunity to not starve to death?


    Have packs of sheep, cows and horses travel around.

    When a pack gets attacked all other animals run, the remainder of the pack comes back together and then breed to replenish their lost.

    If a pack is entirely eliminated then a new pack shouldn’t spawn in until 1 full day (irl) has passed, this greatly limits the spawn rate to keep the server from summoning the lag monster.

    As to make this less easier, the packs should have some sort of sense

    *liek when you try to tame a horse in botw*

    This might be useful to look into not just for animal packs but also for creating random events, but who knows I’m just a simple player suggesting an idea 💡

    Anyways I have a lot of suggestions for y’all, not just for plug-ins but also for some tweaking here and there.

    sorry for ranting…

    -Cosmic ^-^

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    I don’t know if that’d be entirely possible. Perhaps when all these claims are removed, perhaps some sheep, pigs, cows, lamas and horses could be spawned to make up for the poaching over the years, but I don’t think something like this will be in its entirety possible.

    It wasn’t really in rant format by the way.

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    cosmic, you like requesting very unique, almost custom features. to suggest something like this you should try to find an existing plugin, otherwise, who will make it?  I doubt creeper wants to spend his time making a custom plugin for every little thing people suggest here… especially when gods is trying ever so hard to get the server ready for 1.13.

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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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