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Well I got a new account from a friend user david herobrine07 also baz warned me about using vpns over disc

sooo… you admit that vpns are bad. and now admit to an alt? the ip you and orange share was banned. meaning you were also caught in that crossfire, which gods had already said you’re outta luck. a new account AND vpn to bypass a ban… whether that ban was directed to you or not, your best bet woulda been to make another actual ban appeal. but orange has been caught using vpn’s and other accounts to bypass HIS ban. while it seems unfair to you, having nothing to do with his racism and assholery (basically what he was banned for), you still share a network with him, so what either of you does reflects on the other, as can be seen from the ip ban. you’re not making a good case for yourself >_>

side note, you liked your own post? >_>

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