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personally, I use a hopper clock for my sugar cane farm. but the hopper is filled with the max amount of items (5stacks) so the pistons don’t pulse for about 3+- minutes. I do know of 2-3 chunk loaders. one of them being the portal one. I think another needs an end portal (kinda works the same as nether, but unsure if it works or not), another would be simple hoppers placed over chunk borders and have an item constantly passing through. ive never made one in any server, I just know of a few of them. back to clocks…. I don’t use clocks as much. I have a chicken cooker (spigot friendly) that uses a clock, but it isn’t fast at all. it will pulse every 30-40 seconds. then another “clock” under the chickens laying eggs. the comparator hooked up to the dispenser senses an egg and releases a pulse to fire it. it becomes a “clock” if several stacks are filtered into the dispenser, but it isn’t continuous. it stops firing once theres no more items in the dispenser (pardon me, I forget what the name of that particular redstone device is..) clocks are also pretty good for traps. haven’t used any myself; yet.

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