New Pirate Marketplace /shop2 is open for business! 🛒

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The /shop2 Pirate Market has been entirely redesigned at the pirate run marketplace and is now open for renting shops!

This is shop2’s third redesign! And its stunning! Shout-out to built leaders ScriptX and IndexOutOfMJ for such a stunning build!

  • All shops prices more than halved! Due to the size of shops decreasing.
    Previously average cost was $1200 for 7 days, average now is $397.86 for 7 days.
  • More shops are available, /shop2 has 17 shops to rent!
  • The theme of the shop2 market changed and it now looks a million times more beautiful! Absolutely outstanding job by ScriptX and IndexOutOfMJ!
  • Shop2 has season based themes! Spring/Summer as seen in the gallery below and a Autumn/Winter theme, once setup will automatically change each year!
  • All shop ID’s have been changed to s (for shop) 2 (Shop Region) 01 (Shop number), to form s201-s217. Existing market ID’s will be updated when their designs are updated.
  • Additional space has been created under shops (Not restricting the view of shops from the warp) so that we can house interactive NPC’s for server based trade.
  • All shops are the same distance from the /shop2 warp with jump pads, the warp faces players in a random direction each use!

Pirate Marketplace “Shop2” Shop list, Volume and prices

All rent prices across the whole market are dynamically generated based on the volume of blocks for each shop, so the entire market follows the same price structure no matter the market.

Shop IDBlock VolumePrice for 7 days
Average Price$397.86

Pirate Marketplace “Shop2” Gallery

Screenshots by Olveron.

Written by GodsDead

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Written by GodsDead

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Posted on October 1, 2022

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