Survival October Changelog roundup 2020 – Marketplace Rules & Ender Dragon 🐲

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  • Added /parrots to PvP tagged whitelist via @CombatFry.
  • Added /cleanlight to fix lighting in the loaded chunks in your render distance for Sailors+.
    • Added Light Fixing plugin to do the above.
    • Added Light Fixing plugin dependency.
  • Removed old missive about having multiple shops, view bug report.
  • Backdated ship in a bottle plugin as its been spamming the console
  • Changed the no staff online message from /helpop to tell the user to use Discord/Forums if no staff members are online, suggestion by @NicoSemsrott.
  • ENDERDRAGON BACK! Opened up the end main island for dragon spawning again, for dragons breath lingering potions.
    • Changed end respawn location (on death) to end up at /warp end location, so you don’t spawn on the dragon exit portal.
    • Blocked explosions on End main island I have put a region over the land (Not up to the end crystals) to block explosions from people killing people with bed explosions, beds are way too cheap to be used as explosives!
    • Put bedrock where the dragon egg spawns (may be replaced).
      • Protected the area where the Dragon egg spawns to prevent it being teleported/pushed with a piston/exploded/moved if it does spawn again.
  • Removed /kit poop.
  • Bought & Added Resource pack plugin. /usepack piratecraft
  • Updated webstore page.
  • Cannons Update! by @Xeron.
    • Increased all cannon ranges by around 25% and projectile velocity for all projectiles & cannons to make aiming easier
    • Buffed several projectiles:
      • Cobblestone and shrapnel projectile direct hit damage buffed
      • Diamond projectile direct hit damage buffed significantly; it should 1-shot players again as before.
      • Firework projectile direct hit damage buffed significantly, AoE damage and range reduced.
    • Mortars should now serve as ultra-long range bombardment.
  • Gave Admins the ability to /viewrange 15 to set a players View Distance to 15 chunks temporarily until they log out, great for screenshots or videos!
  • Cove Community Spawner (/warp spawner) got optimized thanks to @IronAR, it should output more mobs. @Lego also closed up all the empty underground holes/caves so mobs wont spawn in those restricting mobs in the entity manager, they will all spawn in the spawners now!
  • Sorted 8 years of schematics that have accumulated across servers, I had over 750 just on survival, 100+ on creative. I’ve deleted 80% of them, re-named to find things and now All servers share the same schematic folder!
    • I’ve been meaning to do this for years to make it easier to copy builds between servers but been putting off sorting through 8 years of schematics. All done! Creative/Test now share the Survival Schematics folder, which will make moving things between servers much easier!
  • Changed the error text in Chat items being displayed from 5 mins to 2 mins from a suggestion by @Atalantaa.
  • Added /kit stick for everyone at 1 hour cooldown from a suggestion. For use for checking claims quickly when you don’t carry a stick around.
  • Added /kit staff for Helpers+, as a quick set of tools to inspect/claim land. Bonus points if you use the PirateCraft Resource pack as it will show a custom item for inspecting land!
  • Updated Crews plugin.
    • Should periodically save data again.
    • You can now delete crew rank names with spaces in. Now if you make a crew rank with a space in it, it’ll auto add an underscore.
    • Fixed next page in the Invite GUI.
  • Whitelisted commands while in jail from a suggestion: /msg /reply /r /rules /help /seen /ping /mail /helpop /h so people in jail can actually talk to Helpers+.
  • Updated Anti Cheat to latest version.
    • Updated all Anti Cheat checks, thank you @Encode42 who manages the AntiCheat configs! If you have any false positives, please contact @Encode42 with your method to re-produce! (Video preferred!).
  • Disabled the second PvP Tag “Combat timer” from the Premium Essentials plugin that decided to add one, as well on top of our PvPManager. From a report on the bug tracker.
  • Permission Changes for Crews (Affects Deckhands):
    • Blocked permission for people to set their personal and crew friendly fire to make themselves not enable PvP for themselves at will!
    • Blocked permission for people to toggle setting crew fees, its disabled in the config but he allowed it in-game to be toggled which is confusing.
    • Blocked default crew permissions from deckhand given by the developer, he basically gave every single permission to Deckhands, which made unlocking things at later ranks pointless! And what’s mental is he’s standing by the decision to automatically give out all permissions.
  • Re-done all the region flags on warp west to be the same as /warp cove with an enter message.
  • Reduced the size of /warp west Region dramatically, it was covering half an ocean before and over some players base!
    • Gave permission to Admins to build/modify on west, but nobody else, revoked permission from all individual people and random groups I had on it.
    • Removed Legacy admin claim over the whole island.
/warp west’s protective region!
  • Updated Missives, removed competition link to Septembers BOTM thanks to a report on the bug tracker by @CreatingWithKass.
    • Added the Halloween Sale as a Missive.
    • Moved the Missives config to the PirateCraft github and gave all Admins and @Lego access to update missives past and present! Because I’m terrible at remembering to change/update these!
  • Admins can now build/break on any shop! Rented or new, flags auto updated for all existing shops!
    • Admins gained shop commands to kick people out of shops and un-rent, manage shops!
  • Added new marketplace rule Warp & Shop Rules, 2.e to rules page & new /rules 5, for shops to allow enforcement of evicting people from shops.
  • Updated one of the regex checks on chat thanks @Bazurka.
  • Updated a 1.13 swimming check in the AC config thanks @Encode42.
  • Added Custom mob plugin (For Halloween Preparation)
  • Added Disguise plugin (For Halloween Preparation).
  • Fixed warmups on warps/spawn.

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Big thanks to @lego for creating me the backbone for this blog post, he went through all my changelogs on discord and copied them in here for me to update (Some of them change quite a bit when we are doing catchup changelog blog posts!)

Thanks Lego

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