July 2020 Build of the Month Competition

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Ahoy you filthy scalawags! It’s that time again… everyone really came together this month and built some marvelous creations. Please enjoy them just as much as I did!

Himaji Castle

By FatherAnderson

This towering Japanese castle looks out over the lands of the north and is from the Feudal Japan era where Samurai and Emperors once lived.

Glenmòr Dùn

By Stewie0404

Small Scottish Estate Castle originally built during the reign of Robert the Bruce in the 1300’s, walls added and roofing redesigned in the 1500’s. during the Jacobite Rebellion the castle was completely cleared out and its now empty with no floors, interior, or stables. Name means “Great Glen Fortress” .

Dragon Bay Harbour

By Hardeharhar7 & Alicecheese101

Dragon Bay Harbor is a harbor near spawn with docks to rent, shops to buy from, and an inn to stay the night.


By athantavar

A lone pagoda on a snowy mountain. It stands tall, giving the best view of the land.

The Colosseum

By _Augustus_Caesar

It is the Colosseum, the Gladiatorial Arena in the city of Rome.

The Flying Scott

By Palmerto & HMAX360

This is a nimble warship with 14 cannons, comfy crew quarters, a captains quarters, and plenty of deck space.

Cracovian Castle

By StasKingKrol

I have spent 2 months making this castle, it is my best PMC creation so far. I wanted it to look as realistic as possible, and i think i have achieved it. It includes king’s apartments, basement (which is one of my bases), and throne room.

HMS Beiderbecke

By Taulov

HMS Beiderbecke – capital ship of the British-Danish joint task-force in the north.

HYDRA Cathedral


HYDRA Cathedral, it’s an unfinished build but an amazing sight upon arrival.

HEY LISTEN! Navi Pixel Art

By Cysteen

Listen to the butterflies and fairies.

Dragon/Wizard Tower

By MajSay23

Wizard tower with a dragon guarding the gate.

Romantic Neighborhood

By RoMich02

This romantic neighborhood is located in the CSN capital of New Diana. This neighborhood has been built in 1 month with the finest and most expensive materials available. Near the cathedral, more wealthy residents can enjoy the beautiful skyline. On the other side of the dividing canal, middle-class residents can enjoy the view of the CSN palace and sea.


By Victi11

Dylan the Scorpion

By Palmerageddon

Please provide your vote to Dylan the Scorpion, he’ll greatly appreciate it and has recently been given the all-clear for malaria. Well done Dylan!

Fish Trap

By Flowers95 & Framment0

(inspired from an Action RPG videogame called: “Monster Hunter”) “Lagiacrus” are leviathans that exist at the top of the aquatic food chain. Feared by sailors as the “Lords of the Seas”. CSN Crew undertake another epic monster hunt: first defeating the Kraken with the Deathstar, now trying to capture a Lagiacrus in a powerful lighting trap. Nevertheless, the beast is resisting and the trap does not seem very effective. Will the fearless crew manage to catch this sea wyvern and tame it?

Warrior Majsay

By Anxxity & Vivi059

It is a build of my best friends skin. He is holding a sword and a bow, and features a red parrot on his left shoulder.

Templum Piratarum Morituri

By Fabul0usGandalf

A building in the style of an ancient roman temple which is the last resting place of important players that are dead or that will die.


By Claymaester, Janick_, & Badbrando

The great halls of Moria, kingdom under the earth.

Ghost of Warlock

By Rivvur

“Big juicy is the ghost of the warlock river has a crush on” -Torkey

Wow. Those builds are insane don’t you think? Stay tuned for the winners announcement! Before you leave, don’t forget to go polish up your submissions for the next competition… I can’t wait to see them!


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