Christmas world now Lootable! in-game /Wiki is back!

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  • /warp xmas Christmas world is now lootable, it resets the world every 12 hours, so at 12:00 am/pm.
    • Push notification send out to those subscribed to the website (You should do this)
    • In game Title is sent to everyone online
    • PVP is Enabled outside of spawn, spawn is PVP safe & you cannot break spawn obviously.
    • We have no ETA how long this loot even will last.
  • /wiki back up! Example /wiki be. An error is sent to the chat, but at least its working again. Remember anyone can add/modify the Wiki.
  • Removed Santa crate from cove (For a second time)
  • Reverted the ships plugin back to the legacy version as the development version kept kicking people off ships.
  • Removed repair sign at cove
  • Removed Shulker shop at cove
  • Updated the Vote Crate
  • Added 1 of every shulker box to /auc
  • Added trade sign at /warp cove to trade the old “1 doubloon” gold ingot for a vote key! you can find this in the cave under the cannons shop.
  • Regenerated /warp north, now in the hands of bgraph for the next builder project, hes doing some custom terrain for it at present! Contact him on discord/forums to be part of the build team for it.


  • Created new changelogs image for the blog posts
  • The changelogs category only shows a cropped image of the featured image now
  • Added spacers between blog posts & right column widgets.
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Written by GodsDead

The founder of PirateCraft, Administrator, Systems Operator, Peace keeper.

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Posted on January 12, 2019

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