Alpha Ship Plugin LIVE, Help test! Removed Christmas Event

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Crew signs on ships for /manoverboard
  • Replaced Ship plugin we have used for many years with re-made alpha version, Treat ships like they are in alpha testing.
    • You should be walk, run climb and jump around a LOT smoother on ships now.
    • Ship plugin now compatible with 1.12.2, so its not using the old compatibility mode from 1.10 to work on 1.12.2 now, this should increase performance and allow bigger ships.
    • All ships now have individual sink speeds, at present they are all set at 40 ticks sink speed while we are in testing, this can be changed at a later date if the plugin doesn’t have issues. This sink speed is currently set slower than what we had ships sink previously.
    • /manoverboard now sends you to your crew signs on the ship!
    • Crew signs are working again, you make them by putting a sign over a bed on a ship with the text (See image at the top of changelog):
      [firstline] Crew:
      [second line] Username
    • Known Issue 1: That we need to figure out how to re-produce:
      • When on a schooner sized ship, sailing near the back in cruise it will throw you off the ship sometimes, help us figure out what is causing this.
    • Known Issue 2: There are no pretty shipwrecks created when sinking.
    • Known Issue 3: Ships still create bad lighting patches in sea.
    • (maybe) Known Issue 4: Ships not sinking? Needs testing.
  • Removed custom mobs at /warp xmas
  • Removed Christmas keys from Store page, and website featured section.
  • Christmas loot/destruction will happen when we’re happy with testing on ships (inventive to test & report issues!)

What issues should I be looking at when testing ships?

Anything and everything under the sun to do with using a ship, How it handles and moves, if it dupes blocks, how it kicks you from a ship, if manoverboard puts you back on it, if the ship destroys the sea/water/lava near it, anything you notice at all, please can you report, this is an alpha development build and will be buggy! Its been up on the test server for a few weeks now and now its time for the real world test! People are more likely to report issues this way.

Report where

On the forums & discord is best, anything reported using in-game chat is mostly forgotten or repeated, so please do make sure you report issues.
Forum thread to report on:


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Posted on January 10, 2019

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