January Maintenance #1

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Survival Server & Bungee

  • Updated Main server & Bungee
  • Updated plugins; Worldedit ASYNC, Worldedit version, Essentials, Chat, Permissions
  • Updated Bungee permissions plugin
  • Changed plugins for /motd (The message thats shown when you log in) and spent a day creating an entire new MOTD
    • You can now hover & click on items in the /motd to go to the website, related commands and show information.
    • Crew related information is shown in MOTD if you are in a crew
    • Hover over your username in the MOTD to see when you first joined!
    • Im able to now put in place holder information for most of our plugins now, if you want another piece of information displayed when you first login, please create a suggestion forum thread.
  • Added the first join statistic to each persons hover over in chat event
  • Added username to the top of the hover over chat for people (requested by Elo106)


  • Fixed pagination on website
  • Changed logo back on website to normal one
  • Now showing 10 last changelogs on homepage

Written by GodsDead

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Written by GodsDead

The founder of PirateCraft, Administrator, Systems Operator, Peace keeper.

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Posted on January 8, 2019

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