New Lighting clean plugin, Removed /coin, Missives updated, Crates updated.

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There has been a helluva lot of changes over the Christmas period without any changelogs (Whoops!) Just not had time to do the events & Changelogs! So were skipping over all the changes over Xmas for now and posting them as they happen.

  • New lighting clean plugin! This will (hopefully) once finished running fix all the existing broken lighting in seas left by ships, or around the world where we have upgraded the world since 1.7!
    • This is a manual task, that I will run once every X amount of time, if all goes well, if you create more lighting bugs, obviously you will have to wait until this task is next run to fix the mess you just made.
  • Removed /coin, this was a separate token system for cross server currency, didn’t work out.
  • Updated Missives (Max)
  • Updated Crates (Max)
  • Updated chat plugin (Ready for a new MOTD which will allow more than 9 lines!)
  • Updated Analytics plugin
  • /warp west is now live! this needs its own Changelog/blog post with video!
  • New /server test is up to test an updated version of the ships plugin (Still for 1.12)
    • We are also testing 2 new terrain tools for Creative
  • Xmas keys from /donate are now selling 15 instead of 5! (Buy them while you can, the xmas crate is going soon!)
  • Changed /me back to purple for everyone (Apart from me)
  • /auc is being updated regular, so make sure you check it regular
  • Removed the /kits changing for Christmas calendar

Christmas Event Removal date

We will at some point need to start removing the Christmas event, I am running it a bit longer as it was released very late into December, so use it while you can as I don’t want to drag it out too far into January as we have so many other projects we want to start! We will do a week of letting people loot the world once we are done with Mob fighting event which I am planning to end on January 10th 2019 (removing the mobs, and letting people loot the world with PvP enabled).

Christmas Crate

The removal of Christmas mobs on the 10th, is also the cut off date for the Christmas Crate, so make sure you buy/collect keys and use them all by this date!

Written by GodsDead

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Written by GodsDead

The founder of PirateCraft, Administrator, Systems Operator, Peace keeper.

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Posted on January 3, 2019

1 Comment

  • Bazurka

    Shiver’ me timbers – I love the lighting update !
    All my hidden places are finally hidden again !

    Thank you so much – and of course thanks for all the other numerous updates !


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