New Xmas Treasure Chest & Vote Chest, /vote rewards changed!

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We have 2 new Treasure chests, massive thanks to @maximus for making these chests! Now when you vote for PirateCraft on the /vote websites, you will be given a vote key which you can use at /warp cove. You need 3 votes per key, we have 9 vote websites so that’s 3 keys every 24 hours! Captain Contributor ranks get 2x bonus! Which could earn up to 6 keys every 24 hours! This will be a permanent Treasure chest that we can update its contents over time, We have all sorts of new prizes in there, ranging from Money, Claim blocks, keys to other crates!

Quick Vote website links

A few weeks ago I added a Vote section to the side of the website under the “Featured section” on the right column, this will allow you to quickly open all 9 vote websites without being on PirateCraft minecraft server, so you will get your keys when you log in!

New Xmas Treasure Chest at /warp cove


  • Added Xmas Treasure chest, “Santa’s Stash”
    • XMAS Santa Keys are currently only available from the Store and from the Vote crate, we will be doing Xmas crate drops from fighting mobs (at some point, there’s no ETA)
  • Added Vote Treasure chest (Permanent chest)
  • Removed Hogwarts Crate
  • Fixed skin image on pirate page on website
  • Added spy button to

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Posted on December 9, 2018

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