August 2018 Build of the Month Competition

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Greetin’s! We had a huge amount of entries for this competition, ranging from ships, entire bases to scorpions! You can see all entries below!

Same rules as previous, the winner and runners up will be picked by staff for the grand Prize of Captain Rank, Claim Blocks & a plethora of custom items! Since I didn’t want to leave you all out of the vote and keep some community input (Even if there is a little bias) we are also trialing a Community Vote. The community vote will be a smaller separate prize for the winner of the community vote, no second prizes for this one!

We are separating the community vote into 2 Community votes (The vote system is limited to 9 entries) Builds and Ships, this will allow us to use the ships elsewhere if the winner is happy with that!

To vote in-game on both polls, you will see notices as you log in and you will be reminded to vote! You can view community results with /poll results botmaug18 and /poll results botmship1 we will keep these polls open for a week, so make sure to log in and vote!

Once staff have picked our winning builds, we will have a follow up blog post with the winners and prizes!

Kai’s Flagship

Build by Kaithefireninja

A ship from the fires of hell. A beautifully built ship with many cannons ready to fire at any intruders. The build makes use of several realistic features, giving it a beautiful silhouette over a


Morandi Bridge

Build by JUSAprayer1 (Just_a_Pleb)

A huge bridge built in mere days, connecting the Italian towns of Diana, Buco, and Rodi. Named in honour of the recent bridge collapse in Italy, this bridge stands out with the use of expensive blocks, and top notch Italian engineering, sure to withstand many decades to come.

Dylan the Scorpion

Build by Palmerageddon

A curious creature sitting on the shores of Iron Sands, where it stands as a curiosity to those who may discover it. Dylan is however sentient, so please take care around him, his stinger is not just for show.

River’s Laboratory

Build by Rivvur, with help from Kaithefireninja

A potion laboratory and brewery where Rivvur does her best work, and where she finds some of the most famous brews on Piratecraft. A unique build with a stylish interior give this build an interesting flavour.

Ice’s Base

Build by Ic3y

A sturdy built fort located in the centre of an ocean. This build, although unfinished, is characterized by its unusual octagonal shape, and bright blue towers.

Tropical Lighthouse

Build by Cysteen

An idyllic lighthouse sitting atop a small hill, overlooking a vast ocean, with a small tropical sandbar connected by a bridge, with a cozy hammock for those lazy pirates. Subtle details make this a build that truly belongs on a pirate server.

Wedi Anghofio

Build by BGraph

Wedi Anghofio has stood for years against the onslaught of the horde, but it has long since faded in the memories of the people that it has so desperately fought to protect. With strong walls, a towering keep, and a blacksmith, this Outpost can withstand any attack.

Narwhal HQ

Build by Astrobolt

The Narwhal HQ is the newly built central hub of Narwhal Activity. It contains a hangar that can hold 7 narwhals at once, along with a drydock and a hall that commemorates each and every ship battle on the server. A headquarters fit for a king.. or er, captain!

Petal’s Palace

Build by Petalface

A big house on the bank of the Thames in London. Main features include the ornate patterned stonework, sparkling ice dome, stunningly crafted interior decorations and the central library – a sight not to be missed! Petalface’s greatest creation yet, Petal’s palace holds appeal for all the family so come on down to the BE’s capital city and have the cultural adventure of a lifetime.

Berlin Citadel

Build by Vorplassassin with help from Masondave

An eye-catching fortress that dominates a small attached town, and protects it from raiders. Complete with many towers, an armoury, stable, and throne room, this citadel won’t be falling into enemy hands anytime soon.


Build by SpiderDeluxe, with help from sarisinqatil

A city that takes its name from the island in the Aegean Sea. Rodi is characterized by structures such as the Pantheon, the amphitheater and the castle on the hill. The whole city is inspired by the Italian Baroque style and the classic Roman style, but uses sandstone as its main material; nicknamed for this characteristic “city of sand”.

HMS Endeavour

Build by SennaJDub

A mighty warship standing proud and strong. Well built, realistic details, and a fully furnished interior make this a must have in any port, or for any captain. Along with its large sails, few ships can match it in terms of size and grandeur.

Queen Anne’s Revenge

Build by ScorpeScope

Last but not least, a recreation from the Pirates of the Caribbean films; Blackbeard’s mighty ship; the Queen Anne’s Revenge. Realistic details, with a mix of unconventional building materials and adjacent dock, makes for a beautiful ship.

How do I enter the next Build of the month?

Sadly we can’t have these competitions every month as we lack the staff time to dedicate to it, but we will always post in our announcements channel on discord when we open up the entry forms and post to the forums! So make sure you are active! if you would like to dedicate yourself to a role of BOTM media screenshots please fill out this form and contact GodsDead on Discord.

How do I send my community vote?

Just log into the game-server and click the chat message that asks you to vote!


A special thank you to Nahadoth and Rivvur for taking the screenshots, and another special thank you to Torkey who kindly added the PMC logo to all the images at 2am at midnight. Thanks peeps!

Staff will now vote for the winner over the next few days, and a follow up post will follow announcing the winners. Stay tuned and good luck!

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