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PirateCraft Media Application

This application is to apply for Media team, if you have a certain skill that is not listed please do still apply listing what kind of role may be suitable. Please make sure you read the whole page before submitting this form.

Duties that may be required for roles

  • Independent media collection, taking screenshots and video regularly.
  • Consistent monthly BOTM screenshots
  • Basic Photoshop skills to edit in pre-made PirateCraft Logos
  • Creating albums and keeping the Gallery updated
  • Posting to Social media (Facebook/Instagram)

It is against the rules to request for a staff position in-game, The only acceptable place to request a staff position is through this form and this form only. Any questions about the staff role can be posted in the Support Tickets forum.

Requesting to be accepted as staff anywhere outside of this form will result in-game punishments, this includes nagging for updates or asking if staff have read your application.

All applications are reviewed by staff when we are looking to fill positions, applying for staff is open at all times as we are always looking to add to the staff team at PirateCraft. Please refrain from asking for a follow up on your application, we may not be looking for staff at the time and will be re-looked at when we are.

If your application is successful you will be notified by GodsDead via one of the contact methods sent to us through the application form.

Lying on any part of the application will reduce your chances heavily (This includes age/time-zone etc).

There is no age requirements for Media team applications.

[contact-form to=”[email protected]” subject=”Application for Media Team”][contact-field label=”MineCraft Username” type=”text” required=”1″][contact-field label=”Your Full Name” type=”name” required=”1″][contact-field label=”Date of Birth” type=”date” required=”1″][contact-field label=”Email address” type=”email” required=”1″][contact-field label=”Discord Username (e.g GodsDead#4614)” type=”text” required=”1″][contact-field label=”Role” type=”checkbox-multiple” required=”1″ options=”Media – Shader Screenshots,Media – Videography for the YouTube,Media – Writing,Media – Graphic Design,Media – Other ( I will state in what I can offer textbox),Media – Rending World/Schematic Files”][contact-field label=”Example Screenshots; imgur album or PirateCraft forum thread / Youtube Channel” type=”url” required=”1″][contact-field label=”Timezone” type=”text”][contact-field label=”Background Information/Message/Experience” type=”textarea” required=”1″][/contact-form]

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