YO HO HO! Merry PirateCraft Christmas!

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Its that time of year again to hang the cannonballs from the Xmas tree, pillage the nearby towns for gold… frankincense, myrrh and indulge in barrels of grog! Yo ho ho! Merry PirateCraft Christmas!

In the tradition of festive celebration at PirateCraft, we have a ton of goodies available this winter holiday. A whole Christmas world to explore; 17 Custom mobs that each drop custom loot and a festive advent calendar kit to open each day till Christmas!

How to play PirateCraft Xmas Event

Ready to get lootin? Get yourself down to /warp event (Portal located at /warp south, which is PVP free) and enter though the Xmas candy-cane portal!

For now the entire XMAS world is PVP free, so take advantage while its disabled, we will be turning on PVP on Saturday 17th for week, so put this event in your calendar! We will also announce it on the forums, twitter, facebook and pushbullet so follow us if you want a reminder!

Make sure to play the XMAS event regularly as its constantly changing, as of writing this blog post there has been 107 updates to the XMAS Mobs and Loot alone!

You can see the world rendered on our live map at http://map.piratemc.com/

Xmas Custom mobs

There are currently 17 mobs (as of writing this blog post!) that you can find all on the XMAS world on PirateCraft, they are all custom mobs that drop custom loot! Make sure to explore around all of the XMAS PirateCraft world to see if you can find them all!

  • Frostie
  • Santa
  • Black Mane Brawler
  • Black Mane Caster
  • Black Mane Leader
  • Frost Sabre Cat
  • Frost Goo
  • Frost Wolf
  • Frost Worm
  • Crazed Elf
  • Frost Shark
  • Frost Bear
  • Frost Wraith
  • Xmas Spirit
  • Fire Horse Pet
  • Ice Horse Pet
  • Cakey

Xmas custom items

These are all the custom items that can be dropped by the custom mobs at Xmas in order of rarity, They have been blocked together based on their drop rates, Drop rates are constantly changing so I won’t post them up, but from this ordered list, you can see exactly what is up for offer and how rare each item is!

Super Rare

  • Elf Bow
  • Frost Axe
  • Frost Shield
  • Fish Bowl
  • Santa Sword
  • Frostie Sword
  • Nice
  • —–
  • Naughty
  • Ancient Tome
  • Doubloon


  • Present Head
  • Ectoplasm
  • —–
  • Black Mane Wand
  • Digster


  • Elf Helm
  • Elf Chest
  • Elf Legs
  • Elf Boots
  • Reindeer Poop
  • —–
  • Black Mane Sword
  • Iron Fist Sword
  • Elf Sword
  • Limited Edition Helm
  • Limited Edition Chest
  • Limited Edition Legs
  • Limited Edition Boots
  • Fruit Cake
  • —–
  • Black Mane Helm
  • Black Mane Chest
  • Black Mane Legs
  • Black Mane Boots


  • Magic Snow
  • Toy Sword
  • Xmass Hat Green
  • Xmass Hat Red
  • Xmass Chest Green
  • Xmass Chest Red
  • Xmass Pants Green
  • Xmass Pants Red
  • Xmass Boots

Advent Kits

Open a new kit every day up till Christmas day! @chailey has put together some awesome Christmas advent kits to open every day for a little Christmas cheer! These kits are only available for 24 hours and can only be redeemed once! So make sure to pick yours up each day. Kits will be unlocked automatically at 00:05 GMT which is about 19:05 USA time.

You can get an instant notification sent to your phone/windows/mac if you follow our pushbullet to remind you as soon as the advent kit is available! Just install pushbullet and follow us:


Big Jolly Thanks

Credit goes to @calliemav for creating yet again an amazing set of custom mobs and loot for Xmas, CallieMav is pumping out some awesome content for PirateCraft events, and none of this would have been done without him! So giant thanks to Callie for the hard work for PirateCraft XMAS 2016!

Map credit; To speed up the release of XMAS event, we picked a pre-made XMAS map from planetminecraft by Reawakens, It was unfinished so a big Shoutout goes to @riverwood202 @cysteen and @artificialdemon for fixing up the world, building and decorating it ready for Xmas!

Big thanks to @chailey for creating all the Christmas advent kits! make sure to get your /kit advent<no> each day! Big one on XMAS day!

Another giant thanks goes to @saltpigeon for creating an XMAS video for us all and getting some awesome photos from the event! Feel free to post more screenshtots as a comment and we can add them to the gallery here!

PirateCraft Christmas video

PirateCraft Christmas video by saltpigeon.



Thanks to Saltpigeon for gathering some photos from around the event!

15% OFF Holiday Sale!

Use the coupon code yohoho when you checkout at the PirateCraft store, or use /donate in-game.


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