February/March 2016 Build of the Month Competition

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Reintroduction of Build of the Month!

Welcome back! The long-awaited return on Build of the Month is here! The return was warmly received by absolutely everyone, so we’d like to thank you for your support! Now, this month’s competition is fierce, with builds ranging from floating rocks to towers to towns! With such a range of builds to look at, I’m sure you’re all eager to have a look! So without further ado, I’ll leave you to it! Don’t forget to cast your vote; every single vote matters!

Lylalune Build


Built by Lithvather with help from Steintod, Reptaria and ToxicKingRS

An elven port defended by many strategically placed cannons, a build which makes good use of its surroundings. The consistent styling throughout this build is also very pleasing to the eye, leading the every feature to fit perfectly with the build as a whole!


The Domum Tranquillitatem Build

The Domum Tranquillitatem

Built by Chasedillon123

A place designed with the needs of the many nations of PirateCraft in mind, this build is designed as a place for nations to hold meetings with each other. The intricate but beautiful floor isn’t to be missed with this one! The centerpiece of this build is also incredible, and fits in perfectly!

Castle of Mariejois Build

Castle of Mariejois

Built by Lawzoneon

A castle truly fit for a king! A beautiful and intricate walkway reaches out of the back of the castle! Every block of this build only adds to the incredible amount of detail. This build also sits incredibly comfortably and proudly in its surroundings.

Arcuhn Bal Build

Arcuhn Bal

Built by Hades_Morvothril (Circe_Morvothril)

Arcuhn Bal (Magic Rock) is a piece of floating rock sustained by Telvanni magic. The rock is host to an island, on which one of many houses within that area have been built!

Fort Ticonderoga Build

Fort Ticonderoga

Built by NickyB_123

A fortress, heavily defended by more than 25 cannons, with comfortable quarters for all those residing there! The courtyard is worn well, with a nice small storage area provided, all adding to the overall atmosphere of a build!

Port Terragon Build

Port Terragon

Built by Maximus_Terragon

A port town, boasting a busy pier and a beautiful ballroom, stunning horticulture and architecture play a vital part in what makes this build so characterful! Not only is the architecture on the outside of a consistent theme that fits the build, but the internal decoration is also amazing!

The Berghof Build

The Berghof

Built by arinthros

A quaint, well-designed mountaintop retreat, with stunning views of the surrounding countryside! This build features three floors, each clearly serving its own purpose, and is well-furnished!

Delta Tower Build

Delta Tower

Built by gildor_stinky

This incredibly tall structure reaches amongst the highest places it’s possible to build on the server, with a high attention to detail in all areas. The combination of blocks throughout the build also constitute a build very pleasing to the eye!

Mountains Manor Build

Mountains Manor

Built by mountainrasta with help from turkeyman11a

A stunning Tudor property with its own dock, crane and stables. The smaller details like the beautiful water feature are what truly makes this build. With a spacious area, and a brilliant choice of blocks, this build really has some character!

Thank you to everybody that entered! If it weren’t for you, there would be no Build of the Month! This collection of builds is definitely one of the most diverse I’ve seen in my time on the server! I would like to take this opportunity to wish every entrant the best of luck; may the best builder win!

The PirateCraft team would also like to thank SeconDeath for taking all the photographs for this Build of the Month, this double-monthed Build of the month would not have happend without him, it takes a very long time to take the photos, process and upload them, so thank you SeconDeath.

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Enter April 2016 Build Of the month

To submit your build for April 2016’s build of the month, please head on over to the Competitions forum; Read this forum post on how to submit your build(s).


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