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    Hello there! Exciting news for you all! Staff have released the use of /worth to the server!

    This command works by having a player hold an item in their hand and using the command /worth. This will return the value of all of the items that the player is carrying at the time, as well as the value per item. Please note that this is a guide only.

    This can also be used for items not in your inventory such as /worth diamond 1, the number at the end can calculate the price for the amount you have. An alias of /worth is also /price, this might be easier to remember.

    A few things to note:

    • The values of goods are estimates only as to their value, and are not set in stone! They will fluctuate!
    • The idea of this command is to allow a wider understanding of an approximate value so that shop owners have some idea as to the value of the goods that they’re selling for when they’re setting up/updating their prices.
    • All prices are updated manually by staff.

    Feel free to suggest prices either in-game or in the comments below! Please do not complain about whether a price is too high, too low etc. Comments such as these will be ignored/removed from this thread and repeat offenders will be punished appropriately. Anyone screaming constantly about what an item is worth either in this tread or in-game will also be punished appropriately.

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    Great idea, i love it.

    No more asking people on estimates on prices and getting either an in-honest answer, or no answer at all.

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    Just to know. Will the prices be updated bye there rarity and value in vanilla minecraft or the stock on most shops(question mark). (sorry i cannot find the question mark XD)


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    Great idea! I love this server even more now


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