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    So i got banned for wiping server data base. which i dont know how i did it .
    I’m not asking for the ban to be removed all I want to know is how did i do it?

    here is what i did related.

    So i got to the computer and went to the website
    i got this error that it count connect to the website (computer -Miami -sorry but could not connect to piratecraft)

    so i turned off my internet box ,reset my computer and then after i tried again i got this world press thing i put some info on it (usename/password)
    and nothing happened
    i went to the server ask if anyone else had the same prob and mich (a friend) said yes.

    later i just stopped trying i when to the server went afk and i got kick and then it said that i was banned for being an asshole and wiping website data.

    so i went on my bros account and ask callie about it
    he said he dint know about it and that i should wait. also that i was bye passing the ban with an alt so i said ok wait bye (bye the way if u think i might use my bros account as an alt u can ban him too “solid_dg”)

    so i got off and waiting 75 min and the sever came back.

    now @godsdead did that do anything?

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    What the hell is wrong with people not being able to suck up TEMPORARY BANS.

    You do realize being aggressive and rude on the forums in public will only persuade me to permanently ban you.

    You were temp banned because I wanted you top stop causing destruction, you completely and utterly screwed up the website.

    My host was having issues and performing maintenance, I was completely locked out of everything.

    There was a few minutes where the website displayed the initial install script, you decided to fill this out, not reading anything at all, this wiped over the old databases, you should not have done this.

    It is 95% on the hosts head for not using a maintenance page for their fixes and 5% you being a moron and not reading what you were doing, so you are temp banned. This made the website stay down for an extra hour for everyone, Wasting everyone’s time.



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