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    Soooo I was talking with Mikael and some of my crew members and we were wondering. Where does the money from using the crew home go? I guess it just goes to the server to balance the eco or something eco-friendly like that.

    Then got to thinking maybe perhaps we could change that. What if the money from using the crew home when into that crews bank? It would make sense. If you make your crew home nice enough players will want to go there. Also it would be investing crew members money into the crew and not being lost. There is also the crew tax which they pay and that goes to the crew bank. I think this would make a crew more solid in the sense that you are investing more into the crew and supporting it even when you use a crew home. All glory to the crew. Now I don’t know the logistics of what or where the money goes ,but if any other players feel the same as I and my crew members do Please speak up. We want to change this so that the money from using the crew home goes to the crew bank and that way the money is kept in the crew and can be even used to reimburse crew members or go to upgrading a crew home or land etc.

    Please reply and tell me what you think. We would greatly appreciate it and if we can get enough support this may actually come into effect I have seen it for other things. You are the change you see.

    Sincerely, VladDracul


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    these are straight fax

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    I think /crew  home money goes outside from eco and get “destroyed” Its not like shops rent that goes to oldman’s bal

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    I believe it basically gets destroyed. The same thing, for example, as when you buy lottery tickets or shop plots. This is to balance off the hyper-inflation that would result from a plethora of money in the economy from people selling things like wood at cove, for example.

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