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    My Username: WizzyIzzhe

    Player(s) Being Reported.
    Username: Tujek, twobluesheps
    UUID: {71bea556-a5c6-495f-8da4-8fbe0b4d9b2b} {5fbf3910-0e56-46f4-b0f2-f5f689605049}
    Punishment Tracker URL: http://bans.piratemc.com/

    Reason for Report (please select as needed)
    {harassing, griefing}

    Overview Description of Report
    {Threatened me while online with a raid of my base, taunted me from livemap chat, surrounded my ship in cobblestone}

    Detailed Information
    {They’re intentionally trying to upset me, how is this not targeted harrassment?}


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    how long were they doing this for dude

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