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    Hello. Let me start off with who I am. I am Gabrielle (aka Gab), the founder and main leader of Westerlyn (in-game user “__Gabrielle__”). My crew is relatively new, but we have a decently large home base in the south-west corner of the map. I believe that I can consider myself acquainted with a few of your higher status members, and I’ve successfully traded with your crew in the past. We share a lot of the same allies such as VISN, ROME, Greek, ISEN, and ATLA (which I used to be a part of, and am still in relatively close contact with). We are a very friendly crew and tend to take in and help out newbies/deckies. We are not hostile at all and would much rather make allies and trading buddies as opposed to rivals. If you don’t wish to become allies I hope we can at least settle on a non-aggressive deal. My crew will also help out allies as much as we can. We’ve sent warriors to help protect allies and fight against raiders in the past and we would gladly do it for any other close ally. My crew is relatively small, only 12 official members at the moment but we are growing by the day. We are a tight-knit community and we wish to expand our friendliness.

    -Sincerely, Gabrielle

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    Ehmm which one of those do you request, it is kinda imporant to know which when we have to debate. Also your crew tag would also be a good idea


    Grandmaster of the Teutonic Order

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    Westerlyn is looking for an alliance, but if we can’t establish one we would ask for a non-aggressive pact.

    Also, the crew tag is WTLN.

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