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    hello and welcome, this is just a little message of what is to come in the future

    first of all, this group is to make, and strengthen relationships with my crew between other crews,

    so there will be a lot of politics in this chat, so if you want to bug out, i don’t blame you


    Now, we have passed a little law that you must have a passport issued by your crew to enter my borders, it may raise question but its for security reasons due to recent attacks

    how the passport goes is this


    DOB (make it up please)

    ISS (issuing city)

    CREW: …


    Crew symbol in \/[]-_

    bottom left


    please follow this so we can get this underway,

    more stuff is to come


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    Okay so, this is nice and all but, for example if I was to stroll through your borders, who would be there to stop me?
    And mostly how will this prevent attacks? People will just walk in and if they meet resistance (which I doubt they will) it will be even worse of a massacre. And how will you know when a person is trespassing. Unless it’s a clueless deckhand, anyone going to walk to try and attack you will most definitely be invisible.

    Do not horse

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    i has plan, but plan i shall not give out


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    For reference if any of our members ever need a passport, the following will also be implemented:

    For Ranks, we will have a general ranking system, as our titles are pretty foriegn (vexillarius, munifex, prefect, etc.). The system will be as follows:

    • Δ(Delta) passports for Roman tourists
    • Θ(Theta) passports for Roman citizens
    • μ(Mu) passports for low-level military and government officials
    • Π(Pi) passports for medium-level military and government officials
    • Υ(Upsilon) passports for high-level military and government officials
    • Ω(Omega) passports for the Consulates or Special Persons

    Also to avoid counterfeiting all passports will have a security key like so:


    (these keys are not random as they may seem, I will explain what it is in a private message)

    also for future reference, our crew symbol will be (⍛)

    Ω Former Consulate and Emperor of the New Romans Ω
    Vivat Rei Republicae

    ▲ ▲

    • Topics: 25
    • Replies: 80
    • Total: 105
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Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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