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    I was trying to build my boat and had my wood and aqua helmet on when building, I had just went under my ship and a few seconds later I instantly dropped to the bottom of the bay, (still had my oxygen bubbles btw) got hurt like i took fall damage, then instantly died. It said I “slipped on a banana peel” which is probably a fall damage quote. I went back to the bay only a few seconds ago, which when i looked, all my stuff was gone.

    Im not sure if this is a anti-cheat thing, as i was next to a block i was trying to break, but Im not sure.

    Thanks, GABEPINK

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    What’s like, your point to this post?

    Is it for compensation for your lost items? If so, sorry bud! We don’t replace any items glitch or no glitch (Ect Ect Ect.)

    If it’s to bring awareness to this matter and report it for other players, then woo for you!

    ProWil (formerly Wilson Manzer),
    General Secretariat of The Papal State
    PirateCraft Veteran, circa 2015.

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    No i understand the rules don’t allow for the items to be returned, its just weird stuff with blocks i assumed was lag? (A tad strange though) I just wondered if anyone else had experienced this.

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    Do you have a video to post or a way to reproduce? I cant see this being a bug without proof and a way to reproduce.

    “Slipped on a banana peel” is fall damage, you fell from a height and died.

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    probably a bug since it still happens. Died on the outskirts of ship3 went back fast, all items gone.


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