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    Stats Web UI is back up! The reason it went down was because the old server it was hosted on, got pulled from under me without any notice or pre warning, and the files I had were ones I started to update 9 months ago and I never got around to finishing the updates I made, so the web UI was left in limbo half-broken, I made this stats UI myself, its custom to PirateCraft, so it was up to me to fix!

    So were back, running now on the same web-server as the main websites on, at present the data is only synced from the minecraft server once every 24h my end goal is to get it live again, not any time soon sadly, but it works, so that’s a good start.

    • Re-hosted the stats UI, same URL http://stats.piratemc.com
    • You can access peoples stats pages by clicking their name in-game to display the player menu, and then click their stats icon!
    • Stats web UI only displays data from the last 24h, so new players wont show up for a day.
    • Theres still a bunch of broken bits, but we can iron those out as we go along.
    • New addition: Shows pirates crew name
    • New addition: shows pirates cannon count
    • Fixed the online players list from the homepage/dashboard to work again, I think it was broken for a long time.
    • The dedicated online players page, now had groovy 3D skins for players, and this page auto updates every 5 seconds, so you can leave it open and itll auto-update with whos online!
    • It should hopefully load each players profile faster, before it was doing API calls to external services to check bans on other servers and find existing history of usernames, I ditched that, maybe ill make a bot to pull that data at a later date.
    • I removed that feedback sheet as nobody used it.

    As a separate reminder we do have a who’s online page made for mobile, http://piratemc.com/online/ I use this to check who’s online really quickly when im on my phone.

    Any issues with the Stats Web UI please do reply here, I won’t be adding any giant new features like Crew pages, or Claims pages as when I finally get around to converting stats I will need to remake this stats web UI from scratch! Bleh! So ill leave those features until then, or if I really fancy doing it one night!

    You just need to put your username at the end of the URL like so; http://stats.piratemc.com/GodsDead/

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    Very Cool, thank you @GodsDead .

    The Cannon count is very helpful !


    Proud Member of the Piratecraft history 🙂


    Anna Supova
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    It is good that you paid attention to this aspect.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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