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    Its been driving me mad for years why the login does not work as it should, having to log in multiple times and refresh pages to actually show you as signed in.

    I’ve always had this nagging it may be a cache issue, so I have disabled our cache plugin to see if that was the issue, I was able to log in first time after disabling this, has this fixed for anyone else?

    Easy way to check is to open a new private window from your browser, or use another web-browser.

    Also since the cache is disabled on the web-server, does this make the website slower? or faster? or just as slow as it usually i?

    We still have another cache running at DNS level…

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    The login issue is fixed for me.


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    The login tab at the side of the page worked first try. It didn’t work at all before.

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    Fixed for me! Thanks!

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    Works as described now, on mobile as well. Login seems a tiny bit slower but it’s nothing compared to the earlier annoyance. I’ll try it a few more times, then update this post.

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    Worked for me. No speed difference either.

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    Forums worked for me for the first time ever. Whatever was causing the issues before is apparently fixed, thanks Gods?

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    Yes, it works at long last. No more clearing browsing data for me! 🙂

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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