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    The wonderful @paulonfire has created PirateCraft a set of custom skins over the years, so now we have our own set of custom skins!

    I took the time to re-do the skins page from scratch, NOW WITH INTERACTIVE SKIN PREVIEW! Seriously I wanted this and it took me ages to get right, you can drag each skin to preview it from all angles on the skin page!

    Instant setting skin, each skin has a giant button, you just press this to set your skin, it couldn’t be simpler, it will open the minecraft.net website in a new window and you just need to login to update your skin 🙂

    While I was at it, I included the PirateCraft custom resource pack too and some Good mentions for Resource packs to work with it, all that is still on github for anyone to help modify still.

    if anyone wants to create custom skins for PirateCraft or help modify the resource pack, just do it! Skins post to this thread, the resource pack click through the resource pack page that links to the forum thread for all information.

    Amazing Job Paul! Can we get a skin for each rank???

    Skins & Resource Pack

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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