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    My Username: {FLeshy101}

    Waterpool and Stewie0404
    Username: {Waterpool}and{Stewie0404}
    UUID: {1e1a343b-be9c-407c-85b7-576193150345} and {611cb9f8-b25d-48c4-b4f3-84611e28038d} You can get it from https://mcuuid.net/?q=username)
    Punishment Tracker URL: http://bans.piratemc.com/

    Both players have had multiple bans and mutes in the past.

    Reason for Report (please select as needed)
    {griefing} {hacking}

    Overview Description of Report
    {broke stone bricks (unsiegable) during “siege”, broke blocks without it notifying us that we were sieged, “sieged” 2 players’ claims at once. It could not have been a siege. The blocks were all claimed as well.}

    Detailed Information
    {Waterpool and Stewie0404 somehow broke stonebrick we had placed over our chest. They claimed their was no stone brick over the chest. They also would’ve had to siege 2 claims at once as our chest room was claimed by 2 separate people and they broke blocks on both halves of it.}

    {the first image is the picture i took when we first made the chest room. the second is the chest with no stonebrick on top after he looted it on the second claim. The third picture is the windows that were broken on the first claim.}

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    1. I never sieged u. I wasn’t even there. You would have gotten a message saying I would have and u have no evidence I even did siege u which I didn’t.
    2. water was not hacking your chests were unlocked I saw screens
    3. https://piratemc.com/topic/butt-hurt-and-complaining/

    The Clown (on leave until further notice)

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    A pathetic attempt at a framing an innocent player.

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    lemme spell this out for u….I.WAS.NOT.THERE.I.NEVER.SEIGED.THIS.REPORT.IS.NULL

    The Clown (on leave until further notice)

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    Hey there!

    So it’s me the big bad in this story. I was the one who sieged u and took ur stuff! First off, idk why Stewie was suddenly involved in this I can confirm he wasn’t even there present with me. The person with me was Official_Xerphon and he just like me didn’t hack.

    Let’s get to the report next!
    First off, There’s NO HACK that lets you break blocks in other people’s claims. So this statement is ridiculous. I sieged one of your members, killed him, and then entered the base using the buttons. We then got in the chest room in which NO CHESTS where locked. You forgot to block them off which was your own mistake!

    Now to the second part, the griefing. I can be rather quick about what was griefed: 2 pieces of glass. This was all griefing that was done.

    The last thing I wanted to talk about is the statement: “Both players have had multiple bans and mutes in the past”. This is pure BS xD. I’ve been muted once a long time ago by GodsDead cause he thought I was annoying whilst trying to help him. The ban was a mistake by Callie and was reverted 10 minutes later. So this statement, like the report, is truly ridiculous!

    Let’s not make a toxic flame war on this post, if you’ve got more questions or want to talk to me contact me on discord, WaterPool#9237. Now it’s up to higher staff to look at this report.


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    I would also like to point out Fleshy.  If you had 2 claims that were from different people.  I’m going to assume that you gave each other perms to the claims.  If that is the case siege will treat them as one claim.  When you give perms to a player, /siege treats it as if it is their claim as well as yours.  So /siege would have merged your two claims.  so that part of your report is also null and void.

    Founder and Princeps Civitas of SPQR.
    Owner of the city of Rome.
    Server Staff
    Nos Ava Caesar Morituri te Salutamus!

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    so everyones just gonna ignore the fact that I wasn’t even there….ok

    The Clown (on leave until further notice)

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