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    Following on from my previous tutorial, I decided to make a post about walls and towers (independent from Godsy’s one). Its hard to make a tutorial on walls, as the shape of a wall depends on where you build it, so instead this is for you lot to get some inspiration.

    Walls and towers can be annoying to build, I know all about it, I have built loads, and they can also seem quite dull and boring when you first make then, but it need not be so! When a player stumbles upon your town or fort, they are most likely going to see the walls first, and nice walls impress (trust me, I am currently making my walls fancy, and its a 100% improvement).

    So, when I design a building or town, the first thing I do is decide what style to build it in, so i have included 6 slightly different developments from the 6-block high walls I used in my tutorial for the small fort. The designs have subtle differences, but all look great in the right environments. Feel free to use and design here, or get inspiration from these.

    I primarily use stonebrick or cobble stone in my walls and towers, but you can use what ever you want. I apologize for bad picture quality and/or angle

    Basic Wall and Tower design:

    View post on imgur.com

    Its in the name, basic, narrow, and does not require many resources. I use these walls (and a variation of the tower) to mark out areas in which I plan to build in, and develop them later. These walls act as your ‘plank canvas’, so go nuts on making an awesome design. All the following designs are based off this design

    Ancient / Roman Wall and Tower design:

    Ancient / Roman Design

    Simple, but effective, and still relatively cheap in resources. The wooden roof is optional, not just on this design, but on all of the designs.

    Rustic / Nordic Wall and Tower design:

    Rustic / Nordic Design

    This design is the sort you may find in colder regions, such as taiga biome. Great for when building a viking settlement, or just a town in a colder area.

    Medieval Wall and Tower design:

    Medieval Design

    Not quite as complex as the designs that will follow, but still a nice addition to a small village.

    Georgian Wall and Tower design:

    Georgian Design

    The ‘Georgian period’ is the time period between 1700s – 1830s and features  lots of stylish detail. It seems the British Empire likes building in this style, as most of their ports, especially Bislo’s island have buildings that are in this style; grand and stylish.

    Fantasy Wall and Tower design:

    Fantasy Style

    Everyone has different perception of the word ‘fantasy’. In this case, its just a design that i could not find a different name for.


    Also, stair blocks are amazing for adding detail and depth to builds to make them look that little more special. I hope this helps anyone ^-^

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    Roman one I can say from experience is lacking arches and balistae

    8/10 would get inspiration again

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