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    My Username: Legionn_

    username}Player(s) Ironar, Percket, Savageprogamer, Helions

    UUID: {uuid} 77a37ab5-c948-4433-97d4-a7632d163942
    Punishment Tracker URL: http://bans.piratemc.com/

    Reason for Report (please select as needed)
    Breaking rules.

    Overview Description of Report
    {overview}=I, and multiple more in my crew and allied crews was told by staff that CIT packs were not allowed, Ironar was using one yesterday, He told Lego that he wouldn’t use it again nor would he give it to others, Today me and some of my crew members noticed they were all using “Woo” as their armour name, Which is the same armour CIT name as Ironar use. Lego saw everything cause he was there and may of took screenshots. The reason I am making this is because it mainly gives a big advantage in pvp, It gives different colour armour to enemies and allies meaning you can’t hit eachother, Secondly it also changes the armour of invises so even more of an advantage aswell as in the rules, it says It isn’t allowed.

    Detailed Information
    Ironar after being told not to, gave his CIT to crewmembers meaning pvp advantage.


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    Haven’t used them since I heard they aren’t allowed, not sure why I’m getting reported.

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    This is disturbing to hear, especially since IronAR is an active staff member. Having a resource pack that gives ANY sort of advantage in PvP is widely known to be illegal on PirateCraft. More disturbing is that IronAR is known to push the boundaries of what is legal, as he tried balance draining me with a sign after GodsDead declared it to be illegal.

    I also remember when he would use a grapple hook to kill new players at cove…

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    A lot of players use PvP and general improvement packs. There are many packs that improve gameplay and add features such as as fullbright with Optifine, low fire, and CITs for armor and swords. Now, many CIT packs have been used and allowed on PMC before. One such pack was Elo’s. It gave custom textures to different named armor. And keep in mind a lot of the players and veterans from back then used these packs. So unless the CIT pack rules on this have changed since 2019 (they haven’t), this should be fine.

    Now, the rule that is being brought up is Rule 3 under the “Glitching, Resource Pack and Client Rules”. The rule states, “Resource packs that give you any sort of advantage in PVP are forbidden.” Now, one could argue that Elo’s Pirate Crews pack could give some unfair advantage in PvP since different named armor (like Daedric, Ebony, etc) had custom textures. But staff never had an issue with this. Some people might even argue that low-fire or shortened sword textures give an “advantage” because not every single player has one. Even the new PirateCraft texture pack has CITs for event and different weapons. So to say that what VOID is doing is illegal is a bit of a stretch.

    The issue that I’m seeing is that perhaps different staff members have different interpretations of what this rule means. The rule is actually quite subjective, so it’s easy to see why this can be confusing. In a similar way, players might receive mixed responses from staff about using Schematica on the server (though that is an issue for another day). In all honestly, I believe that as long as a pack falls within the parameters of being a pretty standard PvP pack and not giving actual pvp hacks like KillAura, or anti-kb, it should be fine. Additionally, everyone should always be using either Vanilla or Optifine. No game-changing pvp advantages can be attained unless you use another client.


    If anything, ping and lag have much more of an effect on pvp than texture packs. Having either a really low or really high ping gives you certain “PvP advantages” that are actually way more impactful than a CIT pack. There are likely pvpers on PMC who use net limiters and regedits. It’s technically legal, and untraceable either way. Again, this stuff effects PvP much more than texture packs. So I don’t think we should be obsessing about what constitutes a “PvP advantage”.

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