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    Earlier, GodsDead mentioned that there are too many villagers loaded, 500 at the time he posted, which cant be good for the server. I suspect that one of the issues we will run into is that trade unlocks are now tied to time instead of number of trades.

    Where before a single farmer was sufficient to farm all the emeralds one could possibly want, now trades cap out at around 20-40 ems per ‘day’ per farmer assuming you trade all available crops. As a result, I suspect that players will now need many farmers to effectively trade for emeralds. If we could change the rate at which trades refresh, we would need fewer farmers.

    As this may be viewed as making villagers OP, perhaps it could come with an increase of the number of crops required for ems?

    My Question is this: is it possible to change how/how often farmers unlock with our current plugins, or do we need to find a standalone
    plugin? I believe that implementing a change to the farmers would make a huge difference in the size of villager halls with the new updates

    I think this plugin would do it, but I am by no means a professional

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    I like the idea of nerfing OP villagers, not buffing them.

    If its specfiic to emeralds to trade with villies, there could be a million other ways to obtain emeralds.

    I have added this to my suggestions to-do list for testing, if you have some ideas for good nerfs post them in here! I can extract the config if you are unable to to look at settings?

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    There are 13 work stations. add the nitwit and you have 14 villagers for a full set. Maybe have them stop breeding at that point. If you need more villagers you’d need to start a new village 6 chunks away so that the first village is unloaded when the second one gets loaded. Villages are 32 block radius so that’s just 4 chunk. if that range could be extended and a limit per village set…. It might help. people would still stack them vertically though. You’d have to disable any beds more then 14 for villager purpose otherwise people would just import villagers to exceed the cap. That would also stop breeding, so yeah, beds are the key.


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    Hey Gods, I think panda does raise a very valid point. Villager trading in 1.18 requires MANY villagers if you want to be trading on a large scale like many people do due to that daily cap. This means to be able to produce as much as we did pre update, we would need massive villager halls. I’ve spoken to many people about that issue and many of us just accept that fact, even though its a large inconvenience. The issue with not regulating it using a mod like the one panda suggested is that people are going to find a way to trade as much as they did, may that be through giant villager halls or through only a couple of villagers per trade if a mod is implemented (as we had before). We understand that having these giant villager halls are a very big negative impact on performance, so its for the servers good that a mod such as that one should be implemented. It would also make it so that villagers can get their AI back to normal and we could use automatic breeders, auto carrot/potato farms and iron farms as we have had up till now.

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    Yes, I acknowledge that reducing cooldown while keeping trade rates as they are would be too OP for villagers. I think the best way to combat this would be to increase the amount of crops for each trade. Prior to the update 8-10 pumpkins/melons per emerald was the ideal trade and now its 6 and 4 respectively. If we manage to find a good way of making it possible to farm emeralds off of 1-2 farmers again, I think we should raise prices back to 8-10 as they were before and maybe tinker with the settings so that it raises the cost for every hundred emeralds traded (for example). The reason i suggest that it raise by the hundred and not a lower number is that if prices raise too drastically people will simply go back to having 10-15 farmers just to avoid the cost increase.

    To other people using villagers for emerald trading, does that seem like a reasonable compromise that will keep you from needing multiple farmers?

    I have been tinkering with the settings in the plugin that I mentioned in my original post, but I don’t want to delve too deep if the config there is drastically different from what you are using. Would you mind telling me what system we use so I can work on a well balanced system?


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