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    Current Username: TheTedyGamer

    Username when banned: TheTedyGamer

    UUID: UUID: 55d1f5dc-a216-4b10-aca6-c12928c9bb52

    Your punishment tracker link:
    Banned By:  Lawzeneon

    One day, when I was playing PirateCraft, I had just crafted my first set of “god” armor and weapons and was very proud of it. but this did not last… soon after I was hunted down by JusaMonkey and killed making me lose all my new gear just seconds after getting it… This angered me because I had worked so hard to get it so I became really mad and said I was going to quit. And stubborn stupid me decided if I was quitting might as well curse at the admins because it wouldn’t matter. Soon I was proven wrong because immediately after my ban I regretted it and even cried a little because the server actually meant so much to me. Anything I said that night I did not mean and would LOVE to get back to pirate craft and finish building my port. PS: when I got on EchoNub’s Account I was just trying to talk to you it was not an alt. please consider this request the server meant alot to me

    xoxo -Tedy

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    Recommend you wait like 6 months or an extra 6 months.

    Hopefully it wasn’t that bad and you’ll be unbanned- then.

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    lol wtf you cried

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    I know I’ve had a previous unban, but it was for saying Hypix** and I got a 6 month ban for that which was actually perm but after some requests I got unban so I hope you think I might deserve another chance


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    Also, I’ve waited for almost a year since my unban

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