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    Welcome, pirate captains, already established nation rulers and those wanting to create their own Empire. Today, I want to perhaps give advice or just give you an entertaining read.


    I’m sure that most people here have dreams of absolute power or being an important figure on the server, but without the necessary knowledge you’ll only have a crumbling wreck of a tribe. So, I’m gonna give you my knowledge and experience of a year and couple month’s worth of running crews.


    Chapter 1: Monarchies


    When I left Delta following the destruction of SeconDeath’s vault, I seceded and formed my own crew. The Ashikagan Navy, which I’m sure you’ve heard of. I wanted a peaceful crew with the population to fill a small town, hidden in the Japan-shaped southern most continent at the time. I always believed in an absolute Monarchy and I always gave myself absolute power. From my time as Monarch of the Ashikagan/Tokugawan Shogunate, I learned only 2 things. Stop being salty and don’t turn it into a Kleptocracy.

    However, in the later days after my ‘revolution’, I created the Russian Empire which was very short-lived, but during the time I remember how hard it was because the crew members always expected you to manage the farms, build the houses and construct the military. Even if you specify rules, they do their own thing. By being King, Queen or Emperor, your nation’s people expect you to be the only one to uphold the Kingdom. There is no sense of King and Country when you’re the Monarch, ironically.

    During my recent ventures in the People’s Republic of China and Imperial Japan, I found that It’s also a matter of crew theme. For example, when NitrogenGaming77 or whatever his name is right now decided to join Japan, he did not agree with it for obvious reasons if you study history. Anyway, with those two crews I experimented with fanaticism, but failed miserably.

    Chapter summary, Monarchism and fanaticism doesn’t work in Piratecraft.


    Chapter 2: Ensuring People’s Loyalty


    Throughout my adventures in other servers with factions or some spin-off of the nation system, I’ve found that the biggest challenge is people’s loyalty and keeping them active. The easiest way to ensure loyalty is get their Skype if they have one, but if they don’t, you gotta be a good friend to them. You must give the people a reason to be loyal and active. I’ve found that promising them great wealth if they build this and that is the best way for activity and loyalty if they do not have Skype. Yes, it may seem wrong and corrupt but with the things they gather themselves, they’ll be under the false illusion that they are in a prosperous nation.

    Activity of the people also depends on your activity. If you recruit a bunch of guys, become good friends with them and say Goodbye and don’t get on in weeks, then chances are you won’t see them again or they won’t be in your nation by the time you get back. That is why I recommend putting people you trust in power before you leave.

    Chapter summary, be good friends with your nation’s people and make sure you have someone to be in power if you need to go and won’t come back in a while.


    Chapter 3: The Art of Diplomacy


    Congratulations, you’ve managed to create a nation with a sustainable population and good economy. But you have no soldiers, you suck at PVP and the nation has no resources for good weapons. Time to get into the dirty work of Diplomacy. As a person who struggles with PVP and keeping the resources to create good weapons and armor, I often rely on allies to protect me. Many times, an ally has saved one of my nations from impending doom.

    When negotiating with other leaders or diplomats, you must be as kind and formal as possible. You’ll get nowhere by acting un-enthused and rude, unless if you’re talking to an enemy.

    When negotiating with an enemy, one should act calm and not overreact when the hostile attempts to demoralize you. A good negotiator would use some form of emotional appeal. If you are talking to someone a part of a civil nation, then appeal to their intelligence and kindness. However, if you’re negotiating with a pirate, just somewhat give into their demands. Put your best valuables in an ender chest or secret chest.

    When negotiating with pirates, not much advice can be given. Most pirates that I’ve encountered either want it all or just kill you for weeks on end for something they call ”lulz”.

    Chapter summary, stay calm, collected and attempt to manipulate the person you’re negotiating with to further your own interests.


    Chapter 4: Nationalism

    The best way to secure a nation is with Nationalism. On every faction or whatever server I’ve been on, the best and most successful have been either extremely wealthy or Nationalistic. For example, the Roman Republic and British Empire get it right. Roman and British banners fly in every single household (that I’ve seen) and every street. It gives a sense of pride and national unity. This is why that Arstodskan themed nations (the fictional nation from Paper’s Please) seem to be quite popular, due to the fact that the nation is built around Nationalism.

    (can elaborate if youwish) Short chapter summary, give your nation culture and a sense of pride.


    Chapter 5: Government System

    I know I’ve already covered Monarchies, but I felt that I should cover other ideologies.

    This is going to be short and simple. Anything but Communism. Fascism, Anarchism, Capitalism…Anything, just no Communism.

    Chapter Summary: Communism is bad, m’kay.



    I’ve spent too long on this. If anyone wants a sequel where I go into more detail, just ask. I hope at least one of you gets some assistance from this.

    Hell, I’ve probably made tons of mistakes but I can’t be bothered reading it through.




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    Super dank

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    I think you brush on some important aspects. It was certainly entertaining! You count up a lot of don’t-dos, but it is the do-dos that are most important for success. I suspect many of the problems you experienced could be mastered with some slight alterations.

    Chapter 1: Monarchies

    This is a classic crew structure for players who want to remain in the cockpit at all times. Basically, one mustn’t confuse “being in control” with “having to micromanage every aspect of the crew”. It is important for a prospective monarch to promote those players who are most competent to positions of true influence. If you delegate important functions, such as recruitment, it A) shows that you trust the player and B) makes them feel, well, responsible.

    Some monarchies capitalise on this tactic by giving out “meaningless” titles which don’t serve any function apart from making the person with the title feel more important. Historically, Louis XV would for example reward the nobility with supposedly honourable titles, such as the “Potty Portier”. This lucky individual was quite literally responsible for dealing with the God King’s excrement and was deemed high up in the hierarchy due to his proximity to the king. I have seen many monarchy-themed crews use similar tactics in PirateCraft, and it seems to work well.

    Chapter 2: Ensuring People’s Loyalty

    This is a tough one. I think persona plays a big roll here. If people deem you competent, fair and trustworthy, you’re going to have an easier time than if people see you as petty, manipulative and deceitful. You’ll generally attract the same sort of players to your crew over the long term, so think carefully about how you portray yourself.

    Chapter 3: The Art of Diplomacy

    I agree that it never, ever gets you anywhere if you act all self-important and rude. There are basic rules in communication that I’d advise anyone to follow. Read up on transactional analysis, I-messages, feedback rules and the four-sides model and you might already find yourself better equipped to enter diplomatic relationships.

    Chapter 4: Nationalism

    Every good crew needs a “brand”. It’s easy to simulate historical cultures, because they already carry a certain appeal. If you create something completely new, you’re going to have to build up an image and a culture. But it’s your actions on the server that have the most impact on your reputation, not what Richard Lionheart did back in 1197.

    Chapter 5: Government System

    The difference between Minecraft and the real world is that death isn’t permanent. Regimes that rely on fear cannot be nearly as effective in an online environment. Try and create a structure that YOU personally would want to serve in as a pawn of the lowest tier. Because otherwise you can’t expect anyone else to stay.

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    @paulonfire got government structure exactly right, main reason i have a de-centralized constitutional republic, where leaders more act as advisors and voices of reason is because thats the type of government I’d love to see

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    This is good because it highlights what not to do

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    But, sequel or no sequel? That is the question.

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    Keep a record of this in the wiki please!

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    there are just too many variables that can either work for / or against whatever government you decide to set up. and just because you call your crew a ‘monarchy’ or ‘democracy’ doesnt make it so. people tend to take ideas they hear in the real world; the problem is people know little to nothing about the fundamentals of government/leadership/etc.

    the second half to this equation are the Social / Psychological variables. really it all depends on the individual. their age & education may be the best indication of ability (as far as running a “successful” crew, or being a productive member of that crew/society). otherwise there are just too many factors involved we’d have to analyze. Some people’s egos are soo distorted because they’ve spent a long time on this server, building an empire, and creating this alternate reality/personality (though i think most people are better able to manage this aspect).

    how do we tell who is “qualified” and who isn’t? qualified to do what, exactly? i think the last problem are the people PaulonFire called “the rude and self-important.” the people who talk condescendingly to Everyone, without knowing who they are talking to. we’re all anonymous here. some folks are better builders, some are better at PvP, etc. NO ONE is that unique. treat people with respect (at least, those deserving of respect).

    that’s all i got for now. people CAN be organized, but remember we’re dealing with a super wide range of age, education, location, cultures, etc. there are some basic rules people tend to forget once they get a taste of “power” (really, what power do you have here?). Be cool, dont be a grade ‘A’ douche. treat people with respect. youre allowed to fight, you can argue, you Do Not have to get along.



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    I see elements of both Machiavelli and Sun-Tzu here.  Nice write up on governing and politics.

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