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    There’s been a few bugs and glitches I have found regarding /top and /back. I have a come across these glitches a few times now so it hasn’t just happened once. It can definitely be used to get into someones base so keep an eye out.Regarding /top has been having issues with not taking me to the block directly above me, but taking me to the next open area. This has occurred by /topping under a cave which the /top will take me into the cave rather then on the surface or the highest block above my head. This has happened to me multiple times.

    /back has been interesting lately with constantly asking me to /tpbypass even if I was standing in a completely safe area. /back has turned into a 2 command process for me honestly bc I have to type /back then /tpbypass .LEGO quickly helped me by giving access to even using /tpbypass earlier today, thank you LEGO./back has also been teleporting me into the wrong areas. an example;  I was standing on top of someones base when I /homed then I wanted to go back so I /backed and it teleported me into their base. First time ive ever done that but it can definitely be used against someone) its as easy as standing on someones base leaving and then /backing. I really love this command so Im hoping it doesnt get completely removed.

    seen it all, ive been here since 06/06/2014

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