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    This is in relation to Bislo/ BE’s call for aid in the fight against CoV. Recently I have seen a LOT more banding together and bravery then I have ever seen since Solis’ creation. People such as __ReverseFlash__, Konquisitor and gildor_stinky have stepped up to fight alongside Solis, and it’s great! The only problem is these people that are fed up of CoV are joining Solis to fight, but have had little training in god PVP, well Solis has.

    Solis will be hosting PVP training sessions for all those that want to join in the fight against COV, contact me!

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    @Joe, you have the most unique, funniest/creepy thumbnail I’ve ever seen. XD what’s it from?

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    ok i wanna sign up. 😛


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    Yeah! Let’s clobber those crusaders!

    Oh wait…

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    i wanna join, so stop calling me a noob 😛

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    I haven’t been on in awhile but this is seriously some of the best comedic relief that I’ve logged in to see. xD

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