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    Bonjour !

    (I’m french so sorry for my bad english).

    So, today my friend Frixix posted a video ( ) showing totally invisible players punching him and louslous, another friend of mine. But this evening, we were killing each other in our base (me, Frixix and louslous) when a bug happened.

    We were fighting with swords when suddenly when i was at low HP, a big lag hapenned and i was disconnected with a java.XXXXXXXX error. I reconnected and saw the death screen so i respawned and started punching louslous. Then i saw that he was trying to hit me with his sword but nothing happened. Then i realised that i had the basic Steve skin. I disconnected and reconnected, and started punching louslous again, except this time he killed me.

    Later on skype, he said that he wasn’t able to see me, like i was totally invisible, even my pickaxe that i was hitting him with was invisible. Please do something against this bug because some players can kill us without us being able to do the same…

    In fact in the video the players used a glitch to raid a base and take all the loot, so i think they must be banned for usebug.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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